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WindKing Wall Fan 16"

WindKing Wall Fan 16"


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WindKing 16” Oscillating Wall Fan

The WindKing smoothly oscillates to clear hot stale and damp air. Keep your grow space cool and consistent with this 16” wall fan. 

Mimics outdoor movement

Fluctuations in temperature can be harmful to your plants. Equally stale air and excess humidity can lead to some spots becoming warmer or more CO₂-heavy than others. 

These “microclimates” make it difficult to gauge the true conditions of your growing space and are a breeding ground for pests and mildew. 

Give plants a fresh clean supply of air throughout the day and keep them at an optimum temperature no matter the weather outside. A consistent gentle flow replicates the natural movement of plants outside in the wind helping them to become more resilient over time. 

“O”-shaped oscillation

Unlike most standard oscillating fans the WindKing moves in an innovative “O” shape. This is gentler on the inner mechanism than simply moving side to side and prevents the wear and tear associated with repetitive movement. 

Gives room to grow 

The fan can easily be mounted on a wall. Not only does this prevent trip hazards from excess wires but it also frees up further space for plants. Wall-mounted fans are a fantastic space saver and provide value for money in small-scale grow rooms. 

The WindKing comes with a mains plug and 1.5m cable offering plenty of length if electrical sockets are limited. 

How to use WindKing Wall Fan?

The WindKing just needs to be plugged in at a mains source with the cable included. Press the power button to turn on and choose from the 3 speed settings using the blue dial on the unit. 

Where to use WindKing Wall Fan?

Any indoor plants will benefit from the fresh air! This fan may be used in any indoor grow space where it can be mounted to a wall - this might include grow rooms greenhouses grow tents (with adequate wall support) and within the home. 

Larger grow rooms may require multiple fans to keep the entire space cool and eliminate all spots of humidity. 

Why choose WindKing Wall Fan?

  • 16-inch oscillating wall fan;
  • Cools grow spaces and supplies fresh air; 
  • “O”-shaped oscillation for longer fan life;
  • Manages heat humidity temperature inconsistency and CO₂ distribution;
  • Easy to mount;
  • Adjustable head tilt; 
  • 3 speeds;
  • 5 blades for greater airflow;
  • 55W thermally-protected motor. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: WindKing
  • Diameter: 16” (40.6 cm) 
  • Speeds: 3
  • Blades: 5
  • Plug & Cable Length: 150cm
  • Motor: 55W 
  • Voltage: 230V
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