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Vortex Inline Fan

Vortex Inline Fan


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Vortex Inline Fan - 6"

Keep it cool

Grow lights are a vital part of indoor gardening but they get hot - and plants are prone to burning. Fluctuations in temperature can also hinder the health of root systems. Blow away stagnant air with this powerful inline fan and keep your plants under minimal stress.

For extra peace of mind the fan comes equipped with a thermal overload protection system meaning that it switches off should it go past ideal temperatures. 

Designed for quality 

This whisper-quiet inline fan works to refresh the air in the grow space - and keeps it discreet and peaceful. The fan contains a high-quality ball bearing which reduces noise. The ball bearing also limits wear within the mechanism of the fan prolonging its life and keeping it a staple piece for years to come.  

Where to use Vortex Inline Fans?

The 6" Inline Fan can be used in any indoor growing setup. It’s the perfect beginner or professional cooling system for grow tents grow rooms and greenhouses as well as inside the home. 

How to use Vortex Inline Fans?

Position the fan at your desired height and attach using cable ties and the built-in mounting bracket. 

After this attach the other end of the fan to aluminium ducting and secure both ends with ducting clamps. Gently tighten the clamps using a screwdriver if necessary. 

Plug in the appliance at the mains using the pre-wired 2m lead with fitted 3-pin plug (included). 

Why choose Vortex Inline Fans?

  • High-quality ventilation solution;

  • Removes hot and stale air;

  • Provides fresh and consistent environment for indoor plants;

  • Quiet running and absorbs noise;

  • Thermal overload protection system;

  • Built-in mounting bracket;

  • Suitable for all growing levels;

  • RoHS and CE certified. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Vortex

  • Fan Diameter: 6" (150mm)

  • Fan Output: 800m³ /h

  • Fan Volume: 52dbA

  • Product Dimensions: 210 x 320 x 320mm

  • Wire length: 2m

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