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Visqueen B/W Polisile Sheeting 8m x 25m 120mu

Visqueen B/W Polisile Sheeting 8m x 25m 120mu


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  • First developed in the UK to withstand the demands of maize silage
  • Polisile silage sheets are strong, three layer, co-extruded black and white silage sheets
  • It can prevent overheating and permeability as well as reduce spoilage
  • High impact on tear resistance
  • High resistance to weathering
  • Excellent opacity
  • British made


Turn this reversible sheeting over to suit every need.

Black will absorb light keeping unwanted sun out of grow tents. White reflects light and is perfect for increasing the efficiency of grow lights. It maximises the light available and reflects it evenly around a grow space.

Save on energy bills with this affordable easy solution. Nothing is wasted!


Another function of the black sheeting side is that it also absorbs heat. Growrooms and sheds can quickly overheat especially if they’re smaller or not as well-ventilated.

This black sheeting is perfect to hang up on warmer days to keep plants from overheating and dehydrating.

It’s easy to install and take down making it an ideal temporary solution for the ever-changing weather.


The thick sheeting is made from three layers of co-extruded polisile. It’s durable enough to withstand harsh weather and won’t tear if any accidents happen.

Because it’s so thick users can rest assured that the sheeting is thoroughly opaque and will not let any light escape.

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