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Two Way Shut Off Adaptor

Two Way Shut Off Adaptor


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Two Way Shut Off Adaptor

Independently control two streams of water from one tap. This Y-shaped connector links to two ½” hose pipes with an on/off switch for each. 

Let your large garden thrive

Those growing in large areas will appreciate this adaptor for its wide reach. There’s no need to stretch your hose or constantly switch between water sources. With just one tap you can install two hoses and have double the reach in your large garden. 

It’s also great if you’ve got a wide variety of plants with different needs. Connect your hoses to separate timers or sprinklers and let each section of your garden thrive independently. 

Ideal for automatic watering systems

Versatile and hands-free the Two Way Shut Off Adaptor is a perfect partner to automatic watering systems. 

Fill two reservoirs at once by connecting each to a separate hose. Or independently control two parts of your automatic feeding system depending on their needs.

If you’re looking for easy and highly customisable feeding equipment check out our AutoPot systems!

Frostproof and leakproof

The adaptor is made from ABS plastic which is known for its durability and weather-resistant properties. Come rain shine or snow there’ll be no cracking or warping. This handy tool is frostproof and leakproof for minimal damage all year round. 

How to use the Two Way Shut Off Adaptor?

Just screw the adaptor head onto your standard ¾” tap. You can then attach a ½” garden hose (not included) to each of the two outlets.

Twist each grey on/off dial to independently control each hose. 

Where to use the Two Way Shut Off Adaptor?

The Two Way Shut Off Adaptor is perfect anywhere you’d normally use a garden hose:

  •  Cut watering time in your large garden;

  •  Fill multiple reservoirs in your hydroponic system;

  • Cater to different plants in a varied garden grow room or allotment. 

Why choose the Two Way Shut Off Adaptor?

  • Provides two independently-controlled outlets from a garden hose / tap;

  • Connects to tap hose or male adaptor;

  • Frost-resistant and shatterproof;

  • Compatible with standard ½” (12mm) hose pipes;

  • Compatible with ¾” (19mm) threaded taps. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Kingfisher

  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 168 x 135mm

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