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Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer

Twister BatchOne Dry Trimmer


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Built for cultivators

The BatchOne Trimmer has been designed and built for cultivators in mind.

Focusing on all the little details that matter to the user from producing a great trimmed product intuitive user experience and extreme portability.


The BatchOne Trimmer allows the user to harvest quickly by providing the ability to trim up to 88lbs of dry harvest per hour.   


The BatchOne Trimmer has been designed with ultrafine saddle adjustments and is paired with a ¼ HP motor. This prevents any stalling and allows the user to walk away whilst still achieving a tight batch style trim.

Key features

  • Greater throughput (80 lbs/hr)

  • 30% More Power 

  • Longer run time

  • 360-degree casters for easier maneuvering

  • Low decibel rating

  • Single operation

  • Higher quality materials & finishes

  • 2 sided visibility

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