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Triminator XL Dry Trimmer

Triminator XL Dry Trimmer


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The Triminator XL Dry is one of the fastest dry trimmers in the world.  It is specifically built for commercial volume applications with boutique quality and top value trim.

The XL Dry meets the demands of large-scale production with ease by offering a streamlined repeatable process. The set and forget timer frees up the operator to do other tasks while the innovative lock and load pivot system makes loading and unloading easy.  Finally, the proprietary Pure Trim shear-band system is lubricant and vacuum-free for a quiet, contaminant-free trimming environment.

  • Lubricant Free
  • Quiet
  • Food-Safe
  • GMP Ready
  • Born in Northern California

The XL Dry commercial trimming machine was made for speed. Built for commercial growers, the XL Dry is designed with one of the largest dry drums in the industry and has the capacity to trim up to 60 lbs of flower per hour. Increased efficiency and faster trim times allow for a quicker speed from harvest to market than hand trimming or lower-quality commercial bud trimmers.

Created for consistency and designed to minimize trichome loss, this commercial bud trimmer maintains a close, quality trim on every bud. Because there is no excessive damage to cannabis flowers, the quality of the buds is superior to that of other trimming machines. The XL Trimmer is made with a proprietary pure trim technology which removes the need for lubricants, further increasing trim quality and resulting in pure, contaminant-free buds and trim. Use the pure, potent trim to produce high-quality extracts.

Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) ensure that cannabis products are produced consistently according to the highest manufacturing processes. Made with food-grade stainless steel materials, the Triminator XL is the best dry bud trimmer for commercial growers interested in GMP certification or becoming GMP compliant.


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