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Techboost EX:EL

Techboost EX:EL


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Techboost EX:EL (1L) 

The formula includes high-quality seaweed and amino acids facilitating a more even nutrient intake and flourishing leaves. Techboost EX:EL  is specially formulated to prevent nutrient lockout: this means that roots can thrive. 

New growth in plant canopy

Techboost is specially formulated to increase new growth in the plant canopy. Amino acids contain valuable nitrogen responsible for chlorophyll production and photosynthesis. Seaweed extract provides natural defence and extends plant lifetime after maturity. 

As plants experience an increase in nutrient uptake growers will witness clear new root growth and lush green foliage. 

Use with grow lights

Don’t grow in the dark! Techboost’s active foliar technology allows this spray to be used with grow lights on and still perform at its peak. 

How to use Techboost EX:EL?

We recommend that you raise the lights in your grow space to prevent scorching or leaf burn. Spray Techboost directly onto plants up to twice a week.

The spray is suitable for use all the way through the vegetative phase and into the second week of flowering. 

Why choose Techboost EX:EL?

  • Pre-mixed foliar biostimulant spray;

  • Promotes new root and plant growth;

  • Encourages even nutrient intake;

  • Reduces heat stress;

  • Helps plants live longer.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Techboost

  • Capacity: 1L 

  • Product Dimensions: 290 x 80 x 80mm

  • pH: 5.8

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