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Stealth Pu Handling Gloves

Stealth Pu Handling Gloves


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Stealth PU Handling Gloves

Polyurethane is incredibly stretchy and this makes PU gloves one of the most suitable forms of hand protection for jobs where sensitivity and dexterity are required.

Increased Grip

The properties of the material mean that wearers have increased grip whilst retaining a huge level of protection and flexibility.


Stealth Handling Gloves are great for those that are spending a long time in their grow room and wish to keep their hands clean! These one-size gloves have a rubberized coating on the palm and fingers to help grip tools or branches. The coating also helps if you are moving bags of media that can be slippery when slightly damp. 


  • Black coloured.
  • Polyurethane-coated
  • Anti-cut
  • Wear-resistant
  • 10 in a box
  • Clean hands no fingerprints
  • Reusable.
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