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Shogun Dragon Force

Shogun Dragon Force


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SHOGUN Dragon Force - 250ml

This fiery formula is the answer to huge yields. Usually growth slows down in the final 2 weeks of flowering but Dragon Force pushes it until the very end.

Growers will see larger more highly scented fruits and flowers. There’s also an increase in essential oils thanks to its high sulphur content. 

Accelerates maturing process

Plants store energy (in the form of sugars nutrients and carbohydrates) as an emergency reserve. As they approach the end of their life it’s likely that they won’t need them - and so they potentially go to waste.

SHOGUN Dragon Force uses these saved-up resources for one huge growth spurt at the end of flowering. It re-mobilises carbohydrates from the roots to the flowers. Since carbohydrates are an integral energy source this sudden influx causes a dramatic increase in plant metabolism and huge growth in the flowering zones. 

It also moves calcium towards the fruits and flowers improving their cell wall structure and increasing shelf life. 

Replaces PK booster

Dragon Force supplements essential phosphorus and potassium - so there’s no need for your PK booster while you use this. You’ll see growth like never before with just one product. 

It delivers P and K in the ratios 9.5 - 6.9. This is higher than many standard bloom boosters! This nutrient-rich solution provides enough to facilitate the complex translocations taking place with plenty of energy left over.

Magnesium and sulphur

Magnesium and sulphur are also at hand in this powerful blend. Magnesium is essential for chlorophyll production meaning it’s key for photosynthesis. Plants rich in magnesium will experience greater amounts of chlorophyll - meaning plants will be greener and more advanced in their growth.

Sulphur is a secondary macronutrient found in several different amino acids. You might know these as the “building blocks” for proteins. So sulphur helps determine the rate of protein synthesis and consequently the rate at which a plant receives energy. 

Sulphur is also considered to increase essential oil production making for more highly scented fruits and flowers. 

How to use SHOGUN Dragon Force?

Dragon Force is a nutrient solution to be reckoned with! It produces an impressive finish in any substrate including soil coco and hydro. For all growing media: 

  • Dilute at a rate of 4ml/L and mix thoroughly. Add to your nutrient reservoir hydroponic tank or watering can. 

  • Use for the final 2 weeks of flowering in place of your normal bloom nutrient and PK supplement (such as SHOGUN PK Warrior). You may continue to use SHOGUN Sumo Boost if doing so. 

Why choose SHOGUN Dragon Force?

  • Accelerates growth at the end of life;

  • Produces huge vibrant fruits and flowers;

  • Replaces bloom nutrients and PK additives;

  • Uses magnesium to drive photosynthesis;

  • Increases secondary metabolite production;

  • Apply in the final 2 weeks of flowering. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN

  • Capacity: 250ml

  • NPK Ratio: 0 - 9.5 - 6.9

  • Other Active Ingredients: Magnesium (2.6%) Sulphur (2.5%). 

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