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Rhino Hobby Filters

Rhino Hobby Filters


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Rhino Hobby Filter - 100 x 300mm

The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is designed for the entry level grower yet it doesn’t compromise on expert quality. It’s made with virgin Australian RC-412 carbon the most porous on the market. Its unique fully reversible neck keeps it going strong for up to a year. 

Eliminates grow room odours

Growers use a carbon filter to remove bad smells from their environment. Plants can begin to smell as they grow and stagnant air builds up quickly in these humid conditions. 

If you’re using ducting this air will be transported outdoors - but it might not be very nice once you get out there! 

A carbon filter will remove these smells before they even leave your grow room. Activated carbon has the special ability to trap and neutralise bad smells. 

As stagnant air passes through the filter its odour molecules become caught in the mesopores. They’re then unable to get out again eliminating the odour for good. 

Removes VOCs

Your growing space may also be home to volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are a group of chemicals that can have adverse health effects if breathed in on a long-term basis. 

You might be able to smell VOCs from paints air fresheners petrol or cigarette smoke - or they might be totally undetectable. VOCs can be present anywhere but it’s particularly important to consider them in enclosed spaces like your grow room. 

The Rhino Hobby Filter is a perfect addition to a beginner’s ventilation system. It removes stale plant smells before they can exit through ducting. 

Uses premium RC-412 Australian carbon

The more (and larger) pores a piece of carbon has the more odour particles it can trap. The Rhino Hobby filter is made from RC-412 carbon - the purest and most porous on the market.

Each pore in this kind of carbon is 0.02 microns in size. While this may sound tiny it’s pretty impressive when it comes to odour neutralisation! 

“Vortex” base cone

Rhino filters contain an innovative “vortex” cone in their base. This creates a tornado effect as air enters spinning it evenly through the inside of the filter. 

It’s a simple but genius device - it ensures that stale air is evenly circulated and all odours are removed. 

Fully reversible neck

Another smart move from Rhino is the Hobby’s reversible neck. This ensures that the 30mm carbon bed is fully used on both sides. 

Other filters without this feature would have you use one side of the carbon bed and throw a perfectly intact side away - potentially only using 50% of your money’s worth!

Just flip the Hobby’s neck every 8-12 weeks to use both sides of the carbon bed evenly and prolong the whole filter’s life. 

Perfect for beginners

Working with fans up to 350m³/h this is the ideal filter for a beginner grower. It’s best for small to medium spaces and comes at a lower price than its big brother the Rhino Pro Carbon Filter. 

However it fails to compromise on quality. The Rhino Hobby is housed in a lightweight aluminium casing and has a 30mm carbon bed to filter out impurities. 

Rhino is the best-selling air filtration brand for a reason! With a lifespan of up to 12 months it’s a great investment piece for those looking to set up their first serious ventilation system. 

How to use Rhino Hobby Filter?

You must choose the correct sized carbon filter for your fan for best results. If the filter cannot support your fan’s airflow it will not remove odours as effectively. You should also make sure that your fan and filter are of the same diameter so that you can connect them together. 

Only remove the plastic wrapping when you are ready to use. 

Place the white fabric sleeve over the Rhino Hobby before installing. This will help to keep dust out of the outer mesh and improve the filter’s longevity. 

The Hobby fan is packaged with the duct-coupler screwed on the wrong way (this is to keep the packaging as small as possible). Before use unscrew the duct-coupler and replace it the other way round. The duct-coupler should sit firmly but not too tightly against the filter seal. 

Secure the filter between your ducting and the intake side of your extraction fan. Ideally this equipment should sit at the highest and most central point in your grow room (i.e. the ceiling). Doing so will give you the most even odour removal; hot air rises and so lower-placed carbon filters may not catch warm and stale air as easily. 

Hang your equipment using hanging ties bungee cords or jack chains

Unscrew and flip the reversible neck every 8-12 weeks to fully utilise the carbon bed and prolong the Rhino Hobby’s lifespan. Remove and clean the dust filter when necessary. 

Where to use Rhino Hobby Filter?

The Rhino Hobby filter is suitable for use with the rest of your ventilation system! Pair with a fan and ducting in your grow tent grow room shed hydroponic system or greenhouse to remove plant odours. 

You may also wish to remove VOCs elsewhere! This will work just as well in your home and office to prevent you from breathing in potentially harmful chemicals. 

Always remember to wear the relevant protective equipment as well as using a carbon filter if working with dangerous substances. 

Why choose Rhino Hobby Filter?

  • Neutralises odours on contact;

  • Removes dirt dust and pathogens;

  • Made from pure Australian RC-412 carbon;

  • 30mm carbon bed;

  • 9-12 month lifespan;

  • Compatible with an airflow up to 350m³/h. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Rhino

  • Product Diameter: 100mm (4”)

  • Product Length: 300mm (12”)

  • Max Airflow: 350m³/h

  • Compatible Rhino Fan: 4” A1 / L1

  • Lifespan: 9-12 months

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