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Onyx 8" S-Max Fan (200mm)

Onyx 8" S-Max Fan (200mm)


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Take back full control with Onyx Acoustic EC Fans

For users who are looking for complete control in their grow room choose Onyx S-Max EC Fans. Onyx Fans are silent running and energy-efficient EC Fans with cutting-edge technology making them the top choice in the industry.

The 8" Onyx S-Max comes with a variable controller. This allows the grower to vary airflow without the purchase of a separate unit.


The Onyx S-Max features an integrated silencing technology which delivers extremely low noise levels. Onyx Fans are built with extra casing as well as noise-dampening foam to ensure that sound levels are kept to an absolute minimum.

Supreme air pressure

Onyx EC Fans use a cutting edge EC motor which creates a silent and powerful fan that uses less energy and is easy to control. The high-torque motor generates immense air-pressure.

How to use the Onyx 8" EC Fan

Reliable and hassle-free maintenance and assembly is not an issue with the Onyx EC Fans. This range also features built-in hanging attachments which are ideal alongside Grow Tools Rope Ratchets Vortex Acoustic Ducting and Jubilee Worm Drive Clamps.

  • Reliable and hassle-free.
  • Supreme air pressure.
  • Silent-running
  • Highly efficient EC Fan
  • Fan speed controller included.
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