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Ona Gels

Ona Gels


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ONA Gels - Apple Crumble (1L)

Why cover bad smells when you can remove them? ONA Gels attack and permanently neutralise odour molecules in the air. Made from essential oils they’re a natural way to get rid of all the smells that come with a grow room. 

Removes odours at their source

If you’re sick of spraying and re-spraying ONA has good news all round!

These natural odour eliminators target bad smells at their source. They attack and neutralise odour molecules in the air rather than simply covering them. 

ONA products pose a clear advantage over household sprays and air fresheners in this way: once a bad smell is gone it’s gone for good. No more masking the same smell every half an hour. 


ONA gels are highly concentrated making them a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution to odour control. Enjoy your favourite scent for several weeks at a time! 

Natural non-toxic formula

ONA gels are made from a blend of 32 essential oils suspended in polymer gel and contain no harmful additives. They’re organic non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

This makes them a great alternative to chemical-based options on the market. Not only are they safer than harsh synthetic sprays but they’re derived from natural plant-based ingredients.

All gels are suitable for enclosed spaces and are safe for use around children and animals. 

Sweet Apple Crumble scent

A little sweet a little spicy… You won’t want to leave your grow room when this delicious scent’s around. We apologise in advance for any extra desserts consumed during this time. 

How to use ONA Gel?

ONA Gel is the brand’s most popular product; its versatility and ease of use make it easy to see why.

Just open the lid and leave the ONA Gel to evaporate naturally. Shake occasionally to agitate the formula. It will clear bad smells from the air on contact and a standard tub will last approximately four weeks. 

The formula is highly concentrated so smaller areas may only need a spoonful of the gel in a dish or bowl. Not only will this prolong its life but it means you can use the same gel in multiple areas.

Where to use ONA Gel?

ONA Gel is a super versatile product and is suitable for use anywhere! ONA’s natural formula makes their products safe for enclosed spaces and for use around children plants and pets. 

Because it offers constant refreshment with no effort growers tend to use the ONA Gel in their grow rooms grow tents and hydroponic systems. 

That’s not all it’s good for though - keep a spoonful in your bathroom office kitchen or anywhere else that needs to smell a little better. 

Why choose ONA Gel?

  • Scented odour control gel;

  • Permanently removes smells instead of covering them;

  • Long-lasting highly concentrated formula;

  • Requires little to no maintenance;

  • Natural formula - made from a blend of 32 essential oils;

  • Safe for pets children and plants;

  • Non-toxic organic and eco-friendly. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: ONA

  • Capacity: 1L

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