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Ona Blocks

Ona Blocks


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ONA Blocks - Apple Crumble

Grow room causing a stink? ONA products use all-natural organic materials to neutralise odours rather than simply masking them. Take these pocket-sized blocks and freshen up wherever you go. 

Eliminates odours rather than covering them

If you work regularly in a grow room chances are you’ve made your way through dozens of air freshener sprays. The thing is these household aerosols and plug-ins do very little to actually get rid of the odours you’re dealing with. Barely an hour later the scent disappears and you’re reaching for a refill…

ONA odour neutralisers tackle odours at their source attacking the molecules that create bad smells in the air. Once an odour’s gone it’s gone for good - saving your struggling wallet and your nose. 


ONA Blocks are highly concentrated making them a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution to odour control. Their wax base means they’ll slowly evaporate away with no need to shake refill or check on. Enjoy your favourite scent for several weeks at a time!


Alternative to synthetic fragrances

ONA blocks are made from a blend of 32 essential oils in an easy-to-use wax form. 

This powerful odour remover is an ideal alternative to chemical air fresheners - not only do ONA blocks last much longer but they’ll keep your space fresh even when you’re not around. 

ONA products are derived from natural plant-based ingredients and are safe for household garden and business environments.

Sweet Apple Crumble scent

A little sweet a little spicy… You won’t want to leave your grow room when this delicious scent’s around. We apologise in advance for any extra desserts consumed during this time. 

How to use ONA Blocks?

Like the ONA Gels these blocks require little to no maintenance. They’re small but highly effective and are the top choice in the range for those working in small enclosed spaces. 

The most popular way of using the ONA Blocks is to simply peel off the lid to expose the wax block inside. However you can try some different techniques to suit the area you’re in:

  • Very small spaces might not need an entire block. In this case you can remove the block from the tub and grate a small amount into a bowl. This will effectively neutralise smells that aren’t too strong - and it’s also cost-effective as you’ll have plenty left over to use elsewhere.

  • To extend the lifetime of your block you can make holes in the lid rather than removing it completely. Bear in mind that this will also lessen the concentration of the scent. 

  • In areas that need more serious odour control you can remove the whole block from its container and leave it in a small dish. 

The lifetime of the block depends on the environment you’re using it in and its airflow but most blocks can be expected to last for approximately 4 weeks. 

Where to use ONA Blocks?

These small blocks are perfect for grow tents sheds and smaller grow rooms. Tuck them in a corner and leave them to do their work. 

Because of their compact size they’ll work just as well outside of your grow space. Buy a handful and pop them into your car your gym bag your bathroom…you name it. 

Why choose ONA Blocks?

  • Scented odour control wax block;

  • Permanently removes smells instead of covering them;

  • Long-lasting highly concentrated formula;

  • Requires little to no maintenance;

  • Natural formula - made from a blend of 32 essential oils.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: ONA

  • Capacity: 170g

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