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Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V

Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V

Omega Lighting

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Producing professional growing results

Compatible with Omega double-ended and high-frequency Dual Spectrum Lamps and Metal Halide Lamps 1000W 400V this fixture produces professional growing results.

  • Exceptional value for money - perfect for those on a budget
  • Utilises 400v DE technology developed for use in greenhouses by professional horticulturalists
  • Puts out more light than standard 230-volt lighting
  • No need to replace the lamps for a full year
  • Comes with a closed reflector - ideal if users want to keep their light higher up

About Omega V-Pro 1000W DE 400V

The Omega full fixtures utilise a Ballast Reflector and Lamp all together in one unit. Ballast output is controlled by a dimmer switch ranging from 600w 660w 750w 825w 1000w and 1200w. The design allows the user to get more of a precise output as well as a stable burning position and enhanced light maintenance over a period of time.

The output range can easily be adjusted between 600w and 1150w by using the fixture’s built-in dimmer switch.

How to use Omega V-Pro

Simply hang the combined Ballast and Reflector over the centre of the grow-space at an appropriate height using Ezi Rolls or Jack Chain. Fit the lamp by moving the two ceramic sliders inserting the lamp and moving the sliders back in place.

Set the power control switch to the desired power output (600 watts 660 watts 750 watts 825 watts 1000 watts or 1150 watts. Run the lead from the reflector to a standard UK mains outlet or a Contactor and switch on.

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