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Omega Medium DE Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector

Omega Medium DE Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector


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Omega Medium Double-Ended Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector

Four wing positions

The flexible wings on the reflector can be moved allowing growers to utilise the concentration of light that each arrangement provides. The Omega has four positions offering versatility and the most efficient lighting throughout every stage of growth. 

By positioning the wings close together for example the dimpled silver reflectors create an intense and narrow light footprint. This highly-concentrated stream is perfect for creating large yields over a small focused area.

Or growers might prefer a wider and more uniform light output. Simply rearrange to a more open position. 

Fast efficient growth 

Light intensity is an important factor in photosynthesis the process which allows plants to grow. At the correct intensity plants will accelerate their growth producing greater and faster yields. Not only does this offer impressive results but it drives energy costs down as users can optimise their lighting setup. 

Growers have no need to expend extra time and money in constantly switching out their equipment: a simple readjustment of the Omega reflector will redistribute the light concentration. 

Double-ended fixture

Double-ended (DE) fixtures are connected to the power source at both ends making them a more intense source of light than their single-ended counterparts.

They’re the obvious choice for larger grow spaces offering a much higher output than SE lamps while being more energy efficient and lasting longer. DE lights may be up to 30% more powerful as well as containing higher infrared and UV levels and better replicating the composition of natural sunlight. 

Double-ended lamps ideal for more experienced growers with the knowledge to install them and the cooling equipment to suit their higher operating temperatures. 

Omega also offers the Medium SE Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector if your grow space is better suited to a single-ended lamp. 

How to use Omega Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector?

Hang over the centre of the grow space or over the area you want to light. Attach to a jack chain and secure to the metal hanging hook on the top of the reflector. 

To set the wing positions insert the cable retaining nodule into the desired position on each wing. 

Insert the bulb into the reflector and plug the lead into your ballast.

Find out more about the Omega Lighting Grow Lamps sold separately. 

Where to use Omega Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector?

The unit may be used in any indoor growing space where it can be hung from the ceiling such as grow tents greenhouses and grow rooms. 

Why choose Omega Adjustable Flex Wing Reflector?

  • Double-ended adjustable light reflector;

  • Lightweight flexible and durable wings;

  • Optimises intensity of grow lighting;

  • Generates fewer hot spots;

  • Versatile and cost-efficient lighting solution;

  • Four wing positions. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Omega 

  • Product Dimensions: 550 x 410 x 35mm

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