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Omega 315W CMH Fixture

Omega 315W CMH Fixture

Omega Lighting

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Larger yields and higher quality with CDM lighting

Omega Lighting’s full fixtures utilise a Ballast Reflector and Lamp altogether in one unit ranging from 600W 660W 750W 825W 1000W and up to 1200W.

  • Full fixture light - ballast reflector and lamp in one unit integrated short circuit protection.
  • Can be used as a stand-alone light or as a supplemental.
  • Extremely high levels of PAR (photosynthetically active radiation.)
  • Highly efficient to run
  • CDM lamps create superior plant usable light like having sunshine indoors.
  • Much less heat output than standard HPS lighting.

Full daylight spectrum

Giving plants a full daylight spectrum indoors with the Omega 315w CMH Full Fixture.

Our CMH Full Fixtures are supplied without a CDM lamp. The CDM Lamps are sold separately. 

Quality CDM lighting

When it comes to growing a quality end product nothing quite compares to CDM Lighting. When used in combination with HPS lighting the two give rise to healthier plants full of vigour leading to larger yields of better quality.

Using the Omega Fixture alongside the Omega 315w CDM Grow Light is like having sunshine indoors. Whilst this is a high-end grow light comes in at a budget price giving everyone the chance to take full advantage of CDM lighting.

How does the Omega Lighting 315W CDM Light Work?

Ceramic discharge metal halide lamps are made with a ceramic arc tube instead of typical composites like quartz. This allows the lamp to operate at higher temperatures.

When the 315W Ballast ignites the gases within the lamp the light it emits has a full spectrum that increases the growth and vigour. The Omega 315w CDM Grow Light reflects high levels of light down to the plants and spreads it evenly thanks to the highly-polished dimpled reflector.

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