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OCD Deo-Max Aerosol

OCD Deo-Max Aerosol


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OCD DEO-MAX Aerosol - Fresh Linen

Eliminate smells instantly! This scented aerosol spray will keep things smelling clean in problem areas such as homes offices and grow rooms. OCD uses DEO-MAX organic molecules to break down odour molecules rather than simply covering them. 

Uses DEO-MAX technology

Standard odour eliminators (such as air fresheners and room sprays) simply mask the problem rather than getting rid of it. DEO-MAX technology is unique to the OCD brand and destroys bad scent particles on contact. 

Its mix of over 60 specialist odour-neutralising ingredients might seem complex but the results are simple: persistent odours are gone for good. 

Spray goodbye to odours

Tents and small grow spaces can easily grow stagnant as well as plants and fertilisers giving off their own odours. 

This aerosol spray is a must-have for any grower: it’s lightweight enough to keep on hand wherever you go and clears odours at the press of a button. It’s specially formulated to last - only a short spray is needed - making it a cost-effective solution for problem areas. 

Made from essential oils

We’re past the days of artificial-smelling chemical sprays. OCD’s odour neutralising products use essential oils for a natural alternative. 

Let your office greenhouse or grow space smell like home with this Fresh Linen scent. OCD has five options in its range including: Original Bubblegum Fresh Linen Lemon and Orange. 

How to use OCD DEO-MAX Aerosol?

Simply spray and go! It couldn’t be easier to remove the lid and press for a burst of freshness. 

Make sure that the area is well-ventilated before use especially if spraying in smaller spaces such as grow rooms and tents. Spray away from yourself and others.

Keep the aerosol spray in a cool dry place out of sunlight and heat. Never store or use in heated areas or near flames. Do not keep in cars as temperatures can rise quickly even in cool climates. 

Where to use OCD DEO-MAX Aerosol?

The OCD range can be used anywhere that requires odour control. This aerosol spray can be applied in short frequent bursts so it’s a quick and easy solution in frequently-used areas. Use its leading technology in:

  • Grow rooms;

  • Indoor grow tents;

  • Greenhouses;

  • Hydroponic systems;

  • Sheds;

  • Bathrooms;

  • Offices

and more! 

Why choose OCD DEO-MAX Aerosol?

  • 750ml odour-eliminating aerosol spray;

  • Fresh Linen scent;

  • Instant refreshment of growing spaces;

  • Made from natural essential oils;

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties;

  • Breaks down odours instead of covering them;

  • Easy-to-use spray form.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: OCD

  • Capacity: 750ml

  • Scent: Fresh Linen

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