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OCD Cube

OCD Cube


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OCD Odour Eliminating Cube - Fresh Linen

Don’t let odours disturb you. The OCD Cube targets unwanted smells breaking them down and replacing them with essential oils. This Fresh Linen scent will clear grow space household garden office and bathroom odours instantly. 

Uses DEO-MAX odour elimination technology

This forward-thinking range uses DEO-MAX technology a specialised mode of odour control which eliminates bad smells rather than simply masking them. The cube identifies odour molecules and breaks them down on contact. Unlike standard household air fresheners this means they’re gone for good. 

For users though it’s far from complicated: just pop it wherever it’s needed and you’re done. 

Fresh versatile formula

We’ve all smelled that harsh fake-sweet smell of chemical air fresheners. The OCD range is made from essential oils so you really are smelling what the label advertises. Choose from five different scents - Original Bubblegum Fresh Linen Orange and Lemon. Pick your favourite or mix it up!

It’s also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so you’re helping to keep your growing environment as clean as it smells. 

How to use the OCD Cube?

Remove the protective seal from the OCD Cube. Next remove the lid or punch several small holes in it. Place in the area which requires odour control and let the cube do its work!

If using in a ventilation system you can remove the cube from all packaging and place it directly into your ducting to target stagnant air as it escapes. 

Where to use the OCD Cube?

This small discreet cube may be placed anywhere that needs a fresh scent. Indoor growers may find it useful for eliminating stagnant air and odours in their grow space grow tent greenhouse or shed. 

It’s equally useful inside the home in offices toilets and areas with pets. 

Why choose the OCD Cube?

  • Removes and replaces odours instantly;

  • Uses DEO-MAX odour elimination technology;

  • Fresh Linen scent;

  • Made with essential oils;

  • Long-lasting cube form;

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties;

  • Suitable for use in the home and in offices toilets sheds and ventilation systems. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: OCD

  • Scent: Fresh Linen

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