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Monster Buds Hobby Grow Tents

Monster Buds Hobby Grow Tents

Monster Buds

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Monster Bud Hobby Grow Tent

A self-contained growing environment allows the grower to maximise yields by controlling all the variables: water nutrients light intensity pH pests contaminants and Co2.

30% Increased Reflectivity = Bigger Yield

Monster Bud Hobby Grow Tents feature a 95% Ultra Reflective dimpled Silver-Mylar 600Dx600D which eliminates any hot spots and ensures complete light coverage. The entire Monster Bud range are 100% PVC FREE.

Maximum Light Retention

Light is precious so why waste it? Monster Bud uses a tried and tested "Old School Straight Door" design. No light seepage from unprotected zips.

Active Co2 Regulation

Plants need Co2 without it they will die. This means ventilation is crucial for a successful grow. Plants absorb C02 and respire oxygen. So we have mounted multiple Intakes & Outtakes in prime positions to ensure air circulation and maximum uptake off C02.

Easy Set-up

From start to finish setting up the Monster Bud Hobby Grow Tent is quick and easy! No tools are required as Monster Bud tents are designed to be fully installed or taken down in less than 15 minutes.

Water Proof

Our tents are coated in a waterproof layer to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Sturdy Design

Within the structure of the Monster Bud tent the support bars are designed to carry over 30kg in weight. Featuring a military grade SBS zip and all of the structural poles are powder-coated steel.

More features include strong durable plastic corners which will support the whole frame from start to finish. (The zips may be stiff at first as time goes on the zips will move freely when the tent finds its natural shape and contour we personally recommend adding Vaseline to the zips which will reduce friction and noise.)


  • High-quality Grow Tent
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Active Co2 regulation
  • 30% increased reflectivity.
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