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Masterplug 4 Socket 13A Open Reel

Masterplug 4 Socket 13A Open Reel


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4 Socket 25m 13A Open Reel + RCD

Connect multiple sockets and provide 25 metres of additional length to your growing equipment. This open reel has four standard UK sockets giving extra flexibility in spaces where the mains is out of reach. 

There is also an integrated residual current device to monitor the flow of electrical current through the circuit and automatically cut off supply should a fault occur. 

4 extra sockets

Limited mains connection can slow down growing or even stop it altogether. Connect all the equipment you need with 4 additional sockets. The extended length is useful for larger grow spaces or areas where more movement is required around appliances.

Integrated RCD

A residual current device (RCD) is designed to protect against fatal electric shock. Should you come into contact with a live wire the RCD detects the fault and instantly shuts off the power. 

Why choose 4 Socket Open Reel + RCD?

  • Four-socket Open Reel with RCD;

  • Provides 25m extra cable length;

  • 13A capacity;

  • Residual current device offers extra protection in case of a fault. 

Product Specifications:

  • Power: 13A

  • Cable Length: 25m

  • Additional Sockets: 4

  • Product Dimensions: 270 x 230 x 230mm

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