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Master Trimmer MT Tumbler

Master Trimmer MT Tumbler

Master Trimmer

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Master Trimmer MT Tumbler

Because of its mechanical characteristics the Master Trimmer MT Tumbler achieves great speed performing the work equivalent of 40 operators. The trimmer is also designed to be joined in tandem with another machine of the same model increasing production preserving quality for medicinal use and maintaining safety protocol.

It is essential to purchase the rails to be able to give the desired inclination to the tandem. Depending on the condition and qualities of the product to be worked the rails can give more or less inclination to the tandem.

Stainless Steel

All the parts of the trimmer through which the product passes or has contact is made entirely of stainless steel. This is also the material used for other parts such as the top cover handles and screws etc. All parts are certified for food use.

The large size of the 304 stainless steel barrel prevents the accumulation and dragging of the product whilst preserving their quality. The tempered steel blade with food and non-stick treatment and the 11-blade reel capable of generating 320 cuts per second also contribute to maintaining product quality. The static blade and the continuously rotating reel result in a clean-cut equalling the quality of a manual cut.

Safety System

The MT Tumbler has a safety system that ensures operator protection at all times. The design includes double safety detectors: on the top cover and the side cover. The integrated detectors force a total stop of the machine if the Tumbler is opened during its operation avoiding a possible work accident due to misuse.

The Tumbler trimmer also includes an emergency stop located at the top for a quick machine stop.


Basic maintenance of the trimmer takes a maximum of 10 minutes without the need for tools. All parts of the MT Tumbler are water-resistant. Therefore full cleaning of the machine with pressurised hot water can be carried out with complete peace of mind followed by subsequent disinfection with Master Clean in its entirety.

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