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Mammoth S-Max Fans

Mammoth S-Max Fans


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Mammoth S-Max Fan - 6” (150mm)

Control your grow room and operate in silence with the Mammoth S-Max. This powerful EC fan wastes half the energy of a standard AC while delivering all the fresh air needed for optimal plant growth. 

It also comes with an integrated controller allowing users to change the pressure without the purchase of a separate unit. 

Silent running

The S-Max is engineered to make operation as quiet as possible. It’s built with a thick but lightweight aluminium casing and noise-dampening foam. Together these keep sound as low as 50dB - that’s approximately the level of a quiet office. 

50% less energy waste

EC fans are by far the most cost efficient ventilation tools on the market. On average they lose half the energy of an AC fan. Not only does wasted energy cost more but it won’t even reach your plants…

The S-Max also comes with a fully adjustable speed controller meaning growers can operate the fan at a level that best suits their plants and their budget. 

Supreme air pressure

Power is no problem for the S-Max. Though it’s designed for sleek operation the 6” fan can circulate 594m3 of fresh air per hour. It works to deliver cool air to all areas of a growing space - eliminating hot spots preventing stagnation and replicating the flow of natural outdoor breeze. 

How to use Mammoth 6” S-Max Fan?

Setting up this fan is secure and easy thanks to its built-in hanging hooks. Hang from the ceiling of your grow space using rope ratchets then plug the lead provided into a mains source and switch on to begin use. 

To adjust the S-Max’s power connect the 0-100% speed controller to the back of the unit. 

Where to use Mammoth 6” S-Max Fan?

Use in any space which needs regular ventilation cooling or climate regulation. This might include grow tents grow rooms offices and household spaces.

Please note that this appliance requires a connection to a mains source. For extra cable length connect the S-Max to a mains extension lead while both units are turned off. Never overload the sockets or connect multiple extension leads together. 

Why choose Mammoth 6” S-Max Fan?

  • 6” EC household office and hydroponics fan;

  • Lightweight breathable aluminium casing;

  • Circulates 594m3/h of fresh air;

  • Removes hot spots and regulates temperature;

  • Lined with noise-dampening foam;

  • More energy efficient than AC fans;

  • Has an integrated controller;

  • Compatible with all EC control units;

  • Designed to maximise power output;

  • Operates as low as 50dB (quiet office level). 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Mammoth 

  • Airflow: 594m3/h

  • Speed: 5000RPM

  • Pressure: 500Pa

  • Volume: 50dB

  • Product Diameter: 6” (150mm)

  • Product Dimensions: 360 x 300 x 600mm

  • Product Weight: 7.8kg

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