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Lumatek Daisy Chain Control Cable 5mtr

Lumatek Daisy Chain Control Cable 5mtr


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Lumatek Daisy Chain Control Cable 5m

Connect multiple fixtures

"Daisy chaining" is the process of connecting multiple lights to another using additional wires. They can then be operated by a single switch for ease of use. Growers can also attach an electric control board (such as Lumatek Control Panel) to the daisy chain for remote use to keep everything running smoothly.

IP65 rated

This 5-metre Daisy Chain Control Cable is ideal for attaching lights together with no electrical disturbance or safety risk. The cable is water- and dust-resistant to IP65 standard meaning it's resilient enough for both indoor and outdoor use. It can withstand jets of water - so a little rain won't hurt.

Please note that the wire is not to be immersed in water.

How to use Daisy Chain Control Cable?

This cable is easy to attach into your lighting daisy chain - just connect the M12 self-locking male plug into the Signal Out LED structure output. Then connect the M12 self-locking female plug into the Signal In LED structure input of the next fixture.

Why choose Daisy Chain Control Cable?

  • 5m Control Link Cable;

  • Provides safe and reliable connection;

  • Water- and dust-resistant to IP65 standard;

  • M12 self-locking male and female plugs;

  • RoHS Compliant.

Product Specifications:

Brand: Lumatek

Length: 5m

Temperature Resistance: 80°C

Working Temperature: -20°C - +105°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C - +105°C

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