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Lava-Lite+ 1ltr

Lava-Lite+ 1ltr


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Lava-Lite+ - 1L

It’s a tip-top pot topper. Lava-Lite+ is a lightweight porous growing medium made from natural volcanic deposits. It’s versatile enough to provide thermal protection and moisture retention for any plant. 

100% natural

This growing medium is made from natural ingredients and is gentle on the substrate around it. 

It’s pH neutral and safe for use around children and pets - it’s just as natural as the plants surrounding it. 

Helps plants retain moisture

Lava-Lite+’s porous nature means it effectively holds moisture and won’t let your plants dry out. They’ll stay hydrated for longer and have all the water they need for photosynthesis - leading to stronger greener healthier plants and high yields. 

While it holds water well Lava-Lite’s easy drainage means it won’t let excess water build up. This protects against diseases like root rot which are often present in stagnant and poorly-draining substrates. 

Offers thermal protection 

Lava-Lite also helps to retain heat and when placed on top of your substrate keeps your root network protected from cold weather. Its frost resistance is what makes it such an innovative choice for all climates. As the weather changes (sometimes hour to hour) Lava-Lite provides additional protection for your outdoor plants. 

How to use Lava-Lite+?

Spread a layer of Lava-Lite+ evenly around your plant on top of the soil.  

Lava-Lite can be safely disposed of after use. 

Where to use Lava-Lite+?

This versatile substrate is ideal for use with indoor and outdoor plants thanks to its weather protecting properties. 

It’s pH neutral so it won’t interfere with your current soil or any additives. Use indoors with your household plants or outdoors in your garden. 

Why choose Lava-Lite+?

  • Lightweight stone growing medium;

  • Derived from volcanic deposits;

  • pH neutral;

  • Perfect for use with all plants;

  • Great as a pot topper;

  • Child pet and environmentally friendly. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Lava-Lite

  • Capacity: 1L 

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