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Kingfisher Electric Water Timer (WT100)

Kingfisher Electric Water Timer (WT100)


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Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer (WT100)

Let plants thrive without your constant attention. The Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer can be easily programmed to run up to 24 automatic watering cycles per day. 

Perfect for holidays

Not everyone has a dedicated plant-sitter every time they go away. This inexpensive yet reliable timer will do all the work when you’re out of the garden. The appliance can run for weeks unattended making it a trusted choice for holidays.

It’s just as useful for plants that need watering during working hours gardens that are visited less frequently (such as allotments) or plants that require multiple waters per day. The timer can operate up to 24 controlled watering cycles daily. 

Simple yet effective

There’s no need to be tech-smart: just set up the timer and leave it to work on its own. All it requires is 2 AAA batteries and a connection to a standard garden hose. 

The timer offers total control over the intervals and frequency of watering. It can run hourly at a minimum all the way up to once per week. 

Users can choose for the hose to run anywhere between 1 and 120 minutes at a time.  After this it will safely turn off until it’s time to water again. 


Save yourself the hassle of going out on a cold day! The Kingfisher timer is made of durable plastic and will withstand harsh wind and chills when you’d rather stay indoors. It’s also suitable for water temperatures anywhere between 1 and 30℃. 

How to use Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer?

Twist the timer onto your standard tap fitting and attach the hose to the bottom of the timer. Ensure that the batteries are securely in place and that there are no leaks between the timer and tap. 

Set the timer at the required time of use. For example if you would like to water plants once daily at 6pm you will need to configure the timer to “24 hours” at 6pm before your first use. 

Why choose Kingfisher Electronic Water Timer?

  • Battery-operated garden watering timer;

  • Attaches to most standard hose fittings;

  • Set frequency from 1 hour to 1 week;

  • Continuous run between 1 and 120 minutes;

  • Up to 24 controlled watering cycles per day;

  • CE certified.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Kingfisher

  • Product Dimensions: 88 x 165 x 91cm

  • Product Material: Plastic

  • Water Temperature Range: 1-30℃

  • Water Pressure Max: 110 PSI

  • Run Time: 1 - 120 mins

  • Run Frequency: 1 hour - 1 week

  • Batteries Required?: Requires 2x AAA batteries (not included). 

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