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Hailea Nutrient Heater

Hailea Nutrient Heater


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Hailea Nutrient Heater - 50W

Keep your nutrient solution at the optimal temperature with no effort at all. The Hailea’s built-in thermostat automatically turns on and off to maintain the desired level. 

Maintains safe temperatures

If the nutrient solution becomes too cold plants can go into shock and temporarily stop growing. Growers might see slower development and a purple tone to stems leaves and leaf veins. Prolonged low temperatures also contribute to nutrient lockout - which if not solved can kill a plant. It can also cause calcium and magnesium deficiencies even if there is enough of these substances in their nutrient solution. 

The Hailea Nutrient Heater quickly and evenly heats hydroponic tanks to a safe temperature preventing the stressful and sometimes irreversible effects of growing in cold climates. 

Accurate automatic heating 

The appliance is thermostatically controlled and remains accurate and consistent at all times. Growers may set their desired temperature anywhere between 16 and 32 degrees Celsius (61 - 90 Fahrenheit). Its easily visible temperature indicator allows users to monitor and adjust as needed.

Once the solution has reached the appropriate temperature the heater turns off. It automatically turns back on when the solution begins to cool again. 

How to use Hailea 50W Nutrient Heater?

The Hailea Nutrient Heater is simple and quick to use:

  • Submerge in your hydroponic tank;

  • Use the rubber suction pads and support clips to secure into position;

  • Set the required temperature on the dial at the top of the heater. 

The heater may be placed horizontally or vertically. Make sure to keep it submerged at all times when in use otherwise the appliance may crack and stop working. 

For best results you will need 1W per 1 litre of water: for example a 150L tank will require a 150W heater. 

Why choose Hailea 50W Nutrient Heater?

  • Thermostatically controlled glass nutrient heater;

  • Fully submersible;

  • Controls heat of hydroponic solution;

  • Attaches using powerful suction cups;

  • Designed for safe extended use;

  • Automatically turns on and off to maintain the set temperature. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hailea

  • Output: 50W 

  • Temperature Range: 16 - 32℃ (61 - 90℉)

  • Recommended Capacity: 50L 

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