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Hailea HX Water Pumps

Hailea HX Water Pumps


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Hailea Hx1500 Water Pump

With its high-quality stainless steel shaft and a flow rate of 400 litres per hour Hailea HX1500 Water Pump is also suitable for both fresh and seawater making it the best water pump for use in hydroponic sumps. 

Further features include a low water level/internal multifunctional immersible pump that can provide powerful water circulation of strong consistent flow before water level. This water pump produces water columns that rise up 1.2-2.8 m above the water surface.

This water pump includes a built-in airline to aid extra oxygen into your water.


  • ABS original particles case pound-resisting and long service life. 
  • HX1500 = 10mm 13mm supply pipe or 13mm flexible pipe
  • High-quality stainless steel shaft
  • Inbuilt flow regulator to control flow easily
  • Ideal for pumping nutrients in NFT / Flood & Drain applications
  • Mounted on suction cups for a secure location and is designed for continuous use.
  • Air Mix System


Hailea HX1500 Water Pump will fit a 13mm standard or flexible pipe.

Flow Rate

400 litres/hour

Head Height

0.75 metres


5 watts

Outlet Diameter

12 mm


L:63mm W:73mm H:83mm


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can it run for?

Hailea HX1500 Water Pumps are designed for continuous or intermittent use under normal conditions.

Can it be used inline - outside the tank?

No it is submersible only.

Can I use it outside?

No it is intended for household use only.

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