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Hailea Air Curtain

Hailea Air Curtain


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Hailea Air Curtain - 12"

This flexible tube distributes fine bubbles through the reservoir to fully aerate the nutrient solution and supply oxygen to your plants. 

Oxygenates hydro-grown plants

Oxygen is vital for plant life. Unlike those grown in soil hydroponic plants have limited amounts of oxygen directly entering their root system. Growers must supplement this oxygen within the hydroponic solution to keep these plants from drowning. 

The Hailea Air Curtain is made of porous rubber. When attached to a pump in a hydroponic system air escapes through its tiny holes. Under water this produces small bubbles which provide the necessary oxygen to plants in the reservoir. Deoxygenated water moves to the surface away from the roots and is then mixed back into the aerated water. 

Prevents harmful bacteria and root rot 

A sufficient oxygen supply is also one of the main ways of preventing rotting diseases in the root system. Dissolved oxygen keeps beneficial microbial life in action while creating uninhabitable conditions for harmful anaerobic bacteria (often responsible for these diseases). 

Flexible alternative to airstone 

Airstones are also commonly used to supply oxygen in hydroponic systems. However the Air Curtain’s flexible shape makes it a much more versatile alternative. With a length of 12” it can evenly distribute bubbles across the entire length of your reservoir or tank. 

There is also less risk of breakage than with the brittle airstone making it a durable and cost-effective option. 

How to use Hailea Air Curtain?

Connect the Air Curtain inlet to your air pump and secure with a rubber air line if necessary. Ensure that your pump is placed higher than the tank’s water level. Next place the air curtain in the bottom of the reservoir and turn on the pump.

The Hailea Air Curtain is safe for use with your usual mixed nutrient solution. Clean regularly to prevent clogging and maintain optimum airflow. 

Where to use Hailea Air Curtain?

Use in hydroponic tanks and reservoirs to evenly distribute oxygen through the water or nutrient solution. 

Why choose Hailea Air Curtain?

  • 12" rubber air curtain;

  • Oxygenates nutrient solution in water tanks;

  • Creates fine stream of small bubbles;

  • Improves root health;

  • Fits into all standard hydroponic reservoirs;

  • More durable than airstones.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hailea

  • Product Length: 12" (300mm)

  • Product Material: Rubber

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