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Growth Technology EC Standard / Calibration Fluid

Growth Technology EC Standard / Calibration Fluid

Growth Technology

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Growth Technology EC Standard

Get the most accurate readings and keep plants fully fed in hydroponic systems. EC Standard is used to calibrate EC meters monitors and controllers. 

Calibrates EC meters

Electrical conductivity (EC) is used to measure how much electricity a substance conducts. However it is also an important indicator of nutrient strength when it comes to hydroponic systems. 

Pure distilled water conducts no electricity and has an EC of zero. 

All nutrients used in hydroponics are made of mineral salts and dissolved into water. As a result measuring the EC of the nutrients is an effective way to gauge their concentration and determine whether more or less is needed.

EC meters are an accurate way of achieving this. However they should be calibrated often (at least once a fortnight for regular use) to ensure they remain fully accurate. 

The solution has a known level of 2.76 to provide a point of reference for easily checking EC meters. 

Provides optimum conditions

Different plants require different levels of nutrient strength in order to provide the best possible conditions in the root zone. 

Oversaturating a plant can cause “nutrient burn” identified by drooping yellowing and “burned”-looking dry edges. Nutrient burn can also significantly inhibit yields.

Regular EC testing allows plants to fully utilise the nutrients they receive without risk of overfeeding. Keep plants in the healthiest most stress-free conditions possible and see yields at their full potential. 

How to use Growth Technology EC Standard?

First rinse the electrode on your EC meter with distilled water to ensure it is not contaminated in any way. 

Pour the EC Standard solution into a clean and dry container. Insert the electrode and then set the dial on your meter to the known standard of the solution (2.76). 

Do not dip the probe directly into the meter as this will cause the solution to become less effective over time.

When to use Growth Technology EC Standard?

Use whenever an EC meter requires calibration. For regular use it is recommended to check the calibration at least twice a month. 

Be aware that the standard level of the solution may change with extreme temperature. Store in a cool dry place and ensure that the solution is at room temperature before use. 

Why choose Growth Technology EC Standard?

Calibrating the EC meter should be a regular part of the routine for anyone growing plants in a hydroponics system. An accurate EC reading achieved by Growth Technology EC Standard reduces waste and long-term damage to plants caused by overfeeding. 

  • Calibrates EC meters for accurate readings;

  • Known solution of 2.76 mS/cm;

  • Ensures optimum conditions for plants;

  • Instant easy results.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Growth Technology

  • Capacity: 300ml

  • EC Standard: 2.76 mS/cm

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