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Grow Gadgets Tube Heater

Grow Gadgets Tube Heater

Grow Gadgets

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Grow Gadgets Tube Heater - 60W

The Grow Gadgets Tube Heater is the low-cost energy-efficient solution to heating. Its innovative design radiates heat through the entire length of the ceramic tube and is safe to use with its 90°C overheat protection.

The space-saving shape of the tubular heater allows warmth to run from one end of a grow room to the other while preventing unnecessary bulk. The heater can be mounted on a wall or floor using the discreet brackets or legs provided and offers reversible left- or right-hand cable entry. 

At 60W per foot the product is inch-for-inch about as economical as most standard light bulbs. Simply plug in at a mains source and the appliance is ready for use. 


How to use Grow Gadgets 60W Tube Heater?

Plug the heater in at a mains source and it is ready to use!

If wall-mounting: Use the mounting brackets provided to securely attach the heater to a wall. Do not place in close or direct proximity to other objects as they may be a hazard. 

If floor-mounting: Attach the legs provided to the heater and stand it in an upright position away from potential hazards. Never lay the heater directly on the floor. 


Why choose Grow Gadgets 60W Tube Heater?

The shape of the heater provides thorough low-cost heating within indoor spaces. Its tube-shaped body distributes warmth evenly across the entire unit. 

Not only is it economical in its design but it is suitable for growers of any level and with any amount of space available to them. Place multiple units in a large room for reliable unobtrusive heating or optimise smaller spaces by mounting to a wall. 


  • Low-cost efficient tube heater;

  • Distributes heat evenly through tubular ceramic body; 

  • 60W per foot efficiency;

  • Thermostat control;

  • 1 heat setting;

  • Wall- and floor-mountable;

  • Includes discreet mounting brackets and legs;

  • Reversible left- or right-hand cable entry. 


Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Grow Gadgets

  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 90 x 385mm

  • Product Weight: 0.68kg

  • Efficiency: 60W 

  • Heat Settings: 1

  • Programmable?: No 

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