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AutoPot 9mm End Stop

AutoPot 9mm End Stop


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AutoPot 9mm End Stop

Customise your AutoPot system and watch your garden grow. These End Stops cap the end of your nutrient supply line. 

Shuts off 9mm tubing

Your garden’s ever-changing so it’s important your equipment is too. The joy of the AutoPot system is that growers can customise it as and when they like. 

These caps securely shut off a line of tubing preventing leaks and wastage. Remove when needed to adjust your system with ease. 

Compatible with newest AutoPot system

This plug fits the most recent model of AutoPot tubing (manufactured 2020 and onwards).

If you’re using the original 16mm system you’ll need the 16mm End Stop instead.

How to use AutoPot 9mm End Stop?

Just insert the stop into the line of tubing you want to shut off. That’s all! 

Why choose AutoPot 9mm End Stop?

  • Securely shuts off nutrient supply line in the AutoPot system;

  • Adjust as your automatic feeding system grows;

  • Affordable customisable solution;

  • Easy to insert and remove;

  • Prevents leaks and nutrient waste;

  • Compatible with most recent 9mm equipment.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 50 x 60mm

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