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Clarke Submersible Water Pumps

Clarke Submersible Water Pumps


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Clarke Submersible Water Pump

This submersible water pump is manufactured from tough non-corrosive and rustproof materials as well as having a long-life ceramic shaft for reliability.

Best for heavy-duty draining applications the Clarke Submersible Water Pump shifts both clean and dirty water including particles up to 35mm dia. 

Fitted with an auto start/stop float switch for automatic water level control the float switch enables the water pump to stop and restart automatically as the surrounding water level changes. As the water level rises the switch will float and start the pump.

This premium water pump will ensure that the grower’s nutrient solution is automatically and efficiently pumped into their hydroponic system with high pressure over a great distance.



  • Max flow rate of 133 l/min.
  • Exceptionally powerful for its size.
  • Cost-effective and for long-term use.
  • Max Head (lift height) 8m.
  • Made from tough non-corrosive and rust-proof materials.
  • 1 ½” BSP threaded pump outlet.
  • Includes elbow and outlet reducer adaptors.
  • Integral carry handle for easy transportation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much of the pump is submerged in water?

The whole water pump is submerged in water. A submersible pump’s purpose is to be completely submerged in the fluid. This includes the motor which is fixed to the body of the pump.

How does the motor function when surrounded by water?

Although the whole of the pump is submerged in water the pumps are designed to be immersed in water. The machine holds a set of seals which ensures the liquid is kept away from the motor.

How reliable are Clark Submersible Water Pumps?

Clark Submersible Pumps have a gleaming reputation and are well-known for their reliability. They are also known for posing no problems given the proper care from the user. 

Can Clarke Submersible Water Pumps be used in professional or industrial settings?

Yes. These water pumps can be used in various settings.

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