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Centurion DBT1 & DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer

Centurion DBT1 & DBT2 Dry Batch Trimmer


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Centurion DBT1

This is the most cost-effective in the Centurion range producing up to 8lb per hour of dry trimmed plants and herbs. Thanks to its Soft Tumble Technology this model delicately removes excess stems and leaves without the need for suction systems. 

Most cost-effective in the range

If you’re starting small this is the model for you. Larger trimmers are more expensive and cost more to run if you’re only trimming small quantities. 

The DBT1 is the first model in the DBT range and is most suitable for individual users. Weighing in at just 16kg it’s easy to carry around your garden or grow room. 

Soft Tumble technology

Centurion uses their unique Soft Tumble technology to ensure all plants are carefully processed. There’s no need for a suction system or lubricants which can harm delicate leaves and flowers. Rougher trimmers can cause you to lose trimmings along the way but Centurion’s softly-softly approach delivers an exceptional result every time. 

Robust design

The appliance sits on a sturdy metal frame. This keeps it as precise as possible: there’s no slipping on flimsy legs or vibration whilst in use. 

The trimmer has two moulded metal handles for easy grip whilst in use as well as easy carrying when it’s turned off. Its sleek black design allows users to easily see the plants they’re trimming and sets it apart from its metal bin. 

How to use Centurion DBT1?

Take your plants and gently place them inside the tumbler. 

To begin trimming plug the appliance on at the mains and press the power button. The appliance will take a couple of minutes to trim the recommended amount. 

Excess leaves and stems will fall into the trimmer tray below the appliance and can be disposed of or used to make essential oils. The flowers will remain inside the tumbler.

Turn off the appliance and gently remove the trimmed flowers from the tumbler. After use clean the appliance as directed below.

How to clean Centurion DBT1?

This appliance will need regular cleaning to prevent accumulation of sticky residue and pollen. We recommend that you clean it after every use or before if you notice significant buildup. Excess plant residue can inhibit the speed and sharpness of the blades. 

Ensure that the trimmer is unplugged from the mains. You will then need to disassemble it:

  • Remove the top cover and brush;

  • Remove the trimming tray and tumbler lid;

  • Loosen the blade sheet by releasing the small lever on the side of the blade. Then carefully remove the tumbler from the inside of the appliance.

  • Unhook the blade sheet and carefully slide it out of the inside of the trimmer. 

The motor on the DBT1 is not waterproof. We suggest that you tape a plastic bag or sheet securely to the motor to prevent water damage. 

Remove any excess dust or pollen from the trimmer using a clean and dry brush. Then clean the inside of the trimmer and all trimmer components using a soft damp cloth. It is best to use warm water with washing up liquid. Avoid putting water or your wet cloth near the motor shaft. 

Do not use a pressure washer hose or cleaning appliance to clean the exterior of the Centurion DBT1. You may use a pressure washer to clean the following components when they are removed from the trimmer:

  • Tumbler;

  • Tumbler lid;

  • Trim tray;

  • Blade sheet;

  • Top cover;

  • Brush. 

Avoid pressure washing near the delicate metal bearings of these parts.

If the plant residue is particularly hard to remove you can finely spray the trimmer components with cooking oil. You may also use a degreaser but make sure that the brand you choose will not damage the paint or metalwork on the trimmer components. Leave for 3-12 hours before attempting to clean again. 

Let all parts dry thoroughly before reassembling the trimmer. 

After you have cleaned the trimmer run empty for 5 minutes before the next use. 

Where to use Centurion DBT1?

This small-scale model is the right size to sit on a table desk or worktop. 

Why choose Centurion DBT1?

  • Gently removes excess plant leaves and stems;

  • Soft Tumble Technology removes the need for suction systems;

  • Most cost-effective model in the Centurion DBT range;

  • Lightweight with handles for easy carrying;

  • Trim bin included.

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