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Cannazym benefits:

  • They turn dead roots into minerals and sugars. This is important because these minerals and sugars make up a valuable source of nutrients for the plant.
  • They immediately begin to turn dead root material back into available minerals and sugars. Over 13 different enzymes unlock a valuable source of nutrients for the plant at exactly the right place in the root zone it is needed.
  • An extract of a Desert plant and vitamins are added which improves the uptake of water and nutrients and helps to stimulate the plants' natural defence mechanisms.
  • They help form new roots. The easy-to-absorb vitamins in Cannazym also stimulate the plant to form new roots. This increases the health of the plant.
  • Cannazym prevents harmful bacteria and fungi that cause disease. Dead and decaying root material in a substrate provides an ideal starting point for harmful pathogens jeopardising healthy root production and plant growth. By quickly breaking down any dead and decaying root material the risk of disease is significantly reduced.
  • Cannazym maintains an optimal substrate environment. Quickly removing dead roots keeps vital space for air pockets free – crucial for helping to maintain high oxygen levels in the substrate in turn improving beneficial bacteria and overall root efficiency.

Cannazym is indispensable if the grower is intending to re-use their growing media for another cycle. The remaining dead roots will be rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients; diseases will be prevented and oxygen levels in the root environment will be improved. The substrate will be left in an ideal state for the next season’s growth.

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