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Bluelab PH Controller

Bluelab PH Controller


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Bluelab Automatic pH Controller 

Keep your reservoir on track 24/7. This 14-piece Bluelab kit does all the work when it comes to maintaining acidity levels automatically adjusting to within 0.05 of your desired pH. 

Hands-free monitoring

Plants thrive on a stable pH level in their surroundings. A solution that is too acidic or alkaline may result in yellowing wilting and stunted growth. 

It is common for pH levels to fluctuate in hydroponic systems as alkaline nutrient content rises and falls. The Bluelab pH Controller constantly monitors reservoir acidity and regulates on its own whenever it is needed.

Precision for plant health

The pH Controller can detect the most minuscule changes in the conditions of a growing tank.

An ideal pH usually lies within 0.3 each way of its target: this appliance comes into action as soon as levels stray just 0.05 out of the optimal range. 

Should anything go wrong in the reservoir growers will be warned by flashing high and low alarms. These offer an immediate alert to dramatic changes and don’t risk being drowned out in noisy environments. 

Users can also set “on” and “off” times a mechanism specially designed to prevent overdosing. The “off” time prevents the appliance from making any further changes while the acid is still settling in the tank. Once the “off” period is over and the solution has had time to self-regulate the controller “unlocks” and resumes pH adjustment.

How to use Bluelab pH Controller?

On first use:

Mount the pH Controller on a wall at a suitable height. Both the pH probe and temperature probe must be able to reach the reservoir while connected to the pH Controller. Trim the tubing with scissors to make two tubes of your desired length. 

Attach the pH probe and temperature probe to the bottom of the appliance and then set up the inlet and outlet dosing tubes. Connect the relevant adaptor (UK Europe North America or NZ / Australia) and turn on at a mains source.

The LCD screen should turn on and present the menu. First calibrate the pH probe using the single-use solutions provided. Feed one half of the tubing into your acid and the other into your nutrient tank. Place the pH Probe into the nutrient tank. 

Next adjust the default settings to suit your requirements. Use the “up” and “down” arrow buttons and “enter” button to: 

  • Select menu language;

  • Set pH and dosing direction;

  • Set high/low flashing alarms;

  • Set “on” and “off” times. 

How to care for Bluelab pH Controller?

Keep the tip of the pH Probe wet at all times when in use - this will prolong its life. When not in use place the storage cap over the top of the probe and regularly top up the potassium chloride (KCl) solution inside the cap. 

The appliance is water-resistant so it may be wiped down as needed. 

Why choose Bluelab pH Controller?

  • 14-piece automatic pH controlling kit;

  • Monitors and automatically adjusts pH level;

  • Maintains within 0.05 of selected pH;

  • Lockout to prevent overdosing; 

  • Flashing high/low alarms;

  • Easy-to-read LCD screen with adjustable brightness;

  • Water-resistant;

  • Suitable for wall mounting;

  • Comes with 4x power supplies: UK Europe North America and NZ / Australia;

  • CE and FCC certified;

  • Replaceable probes tubing and pump;

  • Suitable for hydroponic system reservoirs up to 760 litres.

Kit includes:

  • 1x Bluelab pH Controller

  • 1x Bluelab Double-Junction pH Probe with Storage Cap

  • 1x Bluelab pH Probe Holder with Suction Cup

  • 1x Bluelab Temperature Probe

  • 1x 24V DC 0.4 Amp Power Supply

  • 1x 4-metre Tubing with Connectors

  • 4x Plug Adaptors (1x UK Adaptor 1x Europe Adaptor 1x North America Adaptor 1x NZ / Australia Adaptor) 

  • 4x Mounting Fasteners

  • 1x pH 4.0 Single-Use Calibration Solution (20ml)

  • 1x pH 7.0 Single-Use Calibration Solution (20ml)

  • 1x Inlet Tube Cap for pH Stock Solution

  • 14x Replaceable Peristaltic Pump with Cover 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Bluelab

  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 11 x 21cm 

  • Control Range: 0.1 - 13.9 pH

  • Resolution: 0.1 pH

  • Dose Rate: 10ml / minute

  • Screen Languages: English Deutsch Español Français Nederlands

  • Input: 100-240 Vac / 50-60 Hz 

  • Output: 0.4 Amp

  • Operating Environment: 0-50℃

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