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Biobizz AlgAmic

Biobizz AlgAmic


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What is Biobizz Algamic?

Stress-free happy plants generally produce larger fruits. And Algamic comes to the rescue if they have suffered from overfeeding deficiencies diseases or temperature fluctuations. It also ensures green leaves by stimulating chlorophyll absorption.

Seaweed extracts in Algamic

As early as 3000 B.C. seaweed has been harvested for food medicine and fertiliser. Algamic is made from a high grade 100% organic seaweed concentrate extracted through cold pressing rather than chemical solvents. This high level of natural nutrition caters to the whole spectrum of a plant’s needs resulting in plenty of lush green foliage.

How to use it?

Algamic is a revitalising product that contains a low level of NPK (Nitrogen Phosphorus and Potassium) – making it impossible to overdose.

It can be added to every substrate during the flowering and growing period.

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