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AutoPot SmartPot Module Accessory Pack

AutoPot SmartPot Module Accessory Pack


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AutoPot SmartPot Module Accessory Pack

The SmartPot Module Accessory Pack adapts your 16mm system to the new AQUAvalve5 and 9mm fittings. It contains the tubing and accessories to upgrade your equipment plus an 18.9L fabric SmartPot. 

Get a module makeover

Revamp your AutoPot setup with this accessory pack. There’s all you need to replace your traditional AQUAvalve with the most recent fittings and the new and improved AQUAvalve5. 

The AQUAvalve5 is more efficient than ever with a 66% larger inlet and a much faster filling time. You’ll reduce the risk of blockages with its wider tubing and deliver essential nutrients to your plants even more quickly. 

The accessory pack provides the most up-to-date newly-researched equipment at the fraction of the cost of a whole new system. 

Grow smarter not harder

You’ll also receive an 18.9L SmartPot one of AutoPot’s breathable fabric plant pots. Their porous sides eliminate root circling and increase oxygen flow in the substrate. You’ll see a healthier root network and greater yields thanks to this. 

There’s also a PotSock included to keep your root zone from blocking the AQUAvalve5. 

SmartPots are also BPA-free and a great space-saver in smaller environments. Fold them flat when not in use and make the most of your grow room tent or shed. 

How to use AutoPot 1Pot Module Accessory Pack?

This accessory pack is designed to convert 6mm AutoPot equipment into newer post-2020 fittings (16mm and 9mm). It contains tubing and accessories compatible with 9mm fittings as well as the newer AQUAvalve5. 

For full details on how to set up your AutoPot System visit the “how-to” guide on the AutoPot Multiple Pot Systems page. 

Where to use AutoPot 1Pot Module Accessory Pack?

The pack is designed for use with SmartPots and 16mm or 9mm tubing. It converts older systems with the original AQUAvalve into one that’s compatible with the newest model the AQUAvalve5 and the most recent AutoPot accessories. 

If connecting your equipment directly to the reservoir using 9mm pipe you may also need the 9mm Top Hat Grommet and 9mm Golf Filter. If your reservoir has a 16mm outlet use the 16-9mm Click-Fit Adaptor and Filter.  

Why choose AutoPot SmartPot Module Accessory Pack?

  • Adapts pre-2020 AutoPot equipment to most recent systems;

  • Includes an 18.9L SmartPot and the newest AQUAvalve5;

  • Breathable fabric pots improve root oxygenation;

  • No need to replace existing AutoPot pots modules and trays;

  • Cost-effective way to upgrade your automatic watering system. 

Kit Includes:

  • 1 x 18.9L SmartPot;

  • 1 x SmartPot Potsock;

  • 1 x AQUAvalve5;

  • 1m of 9mm Pipe;

  • 1 x 9mm Tee Connector;

  • 1 x 16-9mm Tee Connector;

  • 1 x 16-9mm Cross Connector;

  • 1 x Instruction Manual. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 220 x 270mm

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