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AutoPot Root Control Disc (Square) 196mm x 196mm

AutoPot Root Control Disc (Square) 196mm x 196mm


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AutoPot Root Control Disc (Square 196mm)

Allow roots to grow in your AutoPot system without obstructing the AQUAvalve. This square disc fits standard AutoPot modules and is perfect to keep as a replacement or handy spare. 

Superior root development 

The AutoPot system feeds from underneath and targets roots for prime growth. You can learn more about the ingenious gravity-led technology in our blog post!

Long story short its natural wet-dry cycle means minimal drainage and less chance of conditions like root rot. You’ll see clean thick growth in the rhizosphere and optimal nutrient uptake. Plants will always have a food supply on hand and will only ever receive it when they need it. 

Protects roots and AutoPot equipment

However it’s important to protect your new roots and your equipment! 

The Root Control Disc prevents roots from growing into the AutoPot module or AQUAvalve. It leaves the substrate just as breathable as ever and keeps your watering system working for years to come. 

Ideal as a replacement or spare

This 196 x 196mm disc fits the standard square-based 15L AutoPots and modules. Module kits already come with the perfect amount of Root Control Discs but you’ll need extra discs for individual pots

They’re also ideal as a replacement or spare. Pop these flat lightweight discs in a drawer or on a shelf until you need to use them. 

How to use AutoPoot Root Control Disc?

Simply place the disc copper / gold side down in the pot before adding your substrate. 

For instructions on setting up your entire watering system check out the AutoPot Multiple Pot Systems

Why choose AutoPot Root Control Disc?

These robust discs keep your equipment protected without impacting the aeration or nutrient supply to your plants. They prevent obstructions to your tubing module and AQUAvalve as well as stopping snagging or breakage within the root system. 

  • Part of the gravity-led AutoPot automatic feeding system;

  • Prevents roots from blocking AQUAvalve;

  • Keeps equipment in top condition;

  • Minimises root breakage and snagging;

  • Creates more fibrous root structure; 

  • Breathable and lightweight;

  • Perfect as a replacement or spare;

  • Recommended for use with AutoPot 15L standard pots. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 196 x 196mm 

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