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AutoPot PotSock - Round for 25L XL Pot / 20L FlexiPot

AutoPot PotSock - Round for 25L XL Pot / 20L FlexiPot


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AutoPot PotSock - Round (20L / 25L XL Pots)

Keep roots under control without disturbing their development. The PotSock is a simple fix to protect thriving roots from the AQUAvalve.

Separates AQUAvalve from roots

A thriving root system is one of the clearest signs of good plant health. Thick long complex networks can reach further and better transport water and nutrients back to the base. 

However you don’t want that healthy root system to get trapped in your AQUAvalve. Tangled roots can break and die as well as preventing the AQUAvalve from feeding plants properly. 

Luckily AutoPot offers a simple solution. The PotSock lets your root network expand out of the pot while keeping it well away from the AQUAvalve.

Breathable material

Your rhizosphere will receive all the oxygen it needs with the PotSock - it’s made from breathable fabric designed to withstand your garden. 

How to use the AutoPot PotSock?

Place your 20L FlexiPot or 25L XL pot inside the PotSock. Then place the PotSock inside your usual tray alongside the AQUAvalve. It’s a simple solution but it works wonders!

Why choose the AutoPot PotSock?

  • Protects AQUAvalve without limiting root growth;

  • Breathable fabric cover;

  • Available in square or round shape;

  • Compatible with the AutoPot 20L FlexiPot and 25L XL pots. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 100 x 340 x 260mm

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