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AutoPot Pot Divider Complete

AutoPot Pot Divider Complete


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AutoPot Pot Divider 

Grow up to four separate plants in one pot with this simple insert. This space-saving cost-effective divider quadruples your automatic watering system. 

Quadruples plant output

Why buy four pots when you can buy one? The AutoPot Pot Divider is a brilliant way of introducing smaller plants into your automatic feeding system. 

Your plants will receive the perfect amount of nutrient solution whenever they need it. Plus you can leave plants unattended for up to 2 weeks. 

This plastic divider quadruples your output and means you’ll never pay over the odds for pots and modules you don’t need. 

Variety in small grow spaces 

Not only is this simple accessory mindful of cost but you’ll save space too. Create a diverse garden no matter where you’re growing.

With this divider you can make the most of a small grow space or bring potential to your balcony patio shed or greenhouse.

Adapt as your garden grows 

Like all AutoPot accessories this divider allows your automatic feeding system to change alongside your garden. It couldn’t be easier to switch out as your plants grow. 

It’s a perfect solution for seasonal produce or for younger plants pre-transplant. When you’re done just remove and use again and again. 

How to use AutoPot Pot Divider?

Just place in the bottom of your standard 15L pot before adding the substrate. 

While this makes a great solution for smaller plants like herbs and small fruits you must only use the AutoPot system with fully established plants. If your plants are not yet established hand water them for 10-14 days before connecting them to your reservoir. 

Once your plants are ready to transplant simply lift out the insert. 

Standard AutoPots require a layer of clay pebbles or perlite in their base for better aeration. You won’t need this with the Pot Divider - so you’ll save on substrates too. 

Where to use AutoPot Pot Divider?

Use this divider with the standard 15L AutoPot pots modules and Multi Pot Systems.

Why choose AutoPot Pot Divider?

  • Allows you to grow 4x more plants in your existing system;

  • Feeds herbs and smaller plants automatically;

  • Space-saving solution for young plants;

  • Minimises wastage and cost to grower;

  • Perfect for grow tents sheds and smaller grow spaces;

  • Allows a diverse varied garden;

  • Removes the need for clay pebble/perlite layer;

  • Suitable for standard 15L AutoPot pots. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 220 x 200mm

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