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AutoPot FlexiTank Pro

AutoPot FlexiTank Pro


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AutoPot FlexiTank Pro

Advanced design

Like its predecessor the FlexiTank this water storage unit is fully collapsible. When not in use disassemble and keep in its original packaging to reduce storage space to a fraction of its assembled size. 

The FlexiTank Pro has taken the trusted design and made some enhancements for even more durable and user-friendly storage. 

Its 100% waterproof specially-sealed exterior skin is now in reflective white preventing sunlight absorption and keeping stored water at the ideal temperature.

The tank is more robust than ever with its “anti-tip” structure using interlocking hidden support legs to prevent accidents. New internal capacity markings make filling and measuring a one-step process. 

Wallet-friendly storage

On a hot summer day outdoor water can account for up to 50% of household water consumption. By collecting rainwater and saving it for a dry day you’ll notice a dramatic drop in utility bills and make use of a free nitrate-rich resource. 

The tank can be filled and poured out as needed using the press-to-release tap. Save journeys back and forth and eliminate water wastage by always having exactly the amount of water you need. 

Part of the unique AutoPot system

The FlexiTank Pro can be used purely as a water storage unit. However it’s  designed to act as a reservoir in the AutoPot system (using the tubing provided in the system pack).

Fill the tank with fresh nutrient solution and it will distribute it automatically to up to 100 plants. The system releases a small amount of nutrient solution when needed and then creates an airlock to shut the supply off. When the plant runs dry the airlock will automatically break and the tank will deliver another supply of nutrient solution. 

With this system you can leave your plants thriving unattended forup to 2 weeks

The AutoPot system relies on gravity and airlock technology to run meaning it uses no electricity no timers and no pumps. And so there are no bills to pay! 

Larger AutoPot Systems come with a FlexiTank included but if you’re starting small you may need to purchase your own. Check out the AutoPot 4 Pot System compatible with the FlexiTank Pro. 

Where to use AutoPot FlexiTank Pro?

The FlexiTank Pro is completely waterproof making it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. 

How to assemble AutoPot FlexiTank Pro?

  1. Remove the tank from its box and open it fully. 

  2. Insert the tap into the hole at the bottom of the tank and secure using the locking nut on the other side. 

  3. Connect both parts of the support legs together using the leg connectors and slide each connected leg through the leg compartments in the tank. The two parts should interlock once inside the tank to form one sturdy support leg. 

  4. Secure the leg using one of the locking nuts included. 

  5. Repeat until all legs are connected and locked into the bottom of the tank. 

  6. Place on a smooth level surface and fill with water. 

  7. Once the tank is full turn the tap 90 degrees clockwise. Use the top cap of the tap to turn on and off as needed.

  8. The lid on the top of the tank can be zipped up to protect any other substances from entering the unit. 

  9. The FlexiTank Pro also includes three additional pipes and three locking nuts should you need to add additional pipework or pumps into the FlexiTank. 

NOTE: Never drag or move the FlexiTank Pro when full of water. The unit should be completely drained before it is moved.

Equipment Included:

  • 1x 100L Water Tank;

  • 1x 16mm Tap;

  • 6x Legs (12x Leg Halves);

  • 6x Leg Connectors;

  • 6x Leg Locking Nuts;

  • 3x Additional Locking Nuts;

  • 1x Locking Nut Remover Tool. 

Why choose AutoPot FlexiTank Pro?

The FlexiTank Pro is an innovative solution to water storage preventing wastage and minimising clutter in small growing spaces. It makes an easily accessible and unobtrusive addition to indoor and outdoor gardens with soil plants and hydroponic systems alike.

Sizes ranging from 100L to 400L ensure a resourceful and high-quality approach to water storage for any level of grower. 

  • Foldaway water tank for easy storage;

  • Fully collapsible;

  • Lightweight;

  • White reflective exterior skin;

  • Internal capacity markings;

  • “Anti-tip” design;

  • Reduces storage and shipping costs;

  • Can be assembled in minutes;

  • Concealed reservoir supports;

  • Additional reservoirs for pipework or pumps;

  • All fittings included;

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Capacity: 100L

  • Dimensions (boxed): 510 x 510 x 130mm

  • Diameter (filled with water): 485mm

  • Height (filled with water): 700mm

  • Product Weight: 3.4kg

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