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AutoPot FlexiPot 20L

AutoPot FlexiPot 20L


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AutoPot FlexiPot - 20L

Made from porous fabric the FlexiPot increases airflow into your substrate from all angles. It’s a breathable foldable and eco-friendly alternative to the plastic AutoPot XL modules. 

Encourages air pruning

The FlexiPot is made from a porous material that allows fresh air to pass through the substrate inside. Unlike with standard plastic pots your plants can receive oxygen anywhere rather than just through the top and bottom. 

Nutrient uptake and photosynthesis will skyrocket thanks to the increased airflow and lead to much larger yields. 

This access to oxygen also encourages “air pruning” where fresh air naturally “snips” a root ending. From this ending comes multiple sprouts of fresh new roots. 

Rather than a collection of long single roots twisting around the base of your pot (“root circling”) air pruning naturally creates a complex network of multi-sprouting roots that reach all the way through your soil. 

Light compact easy to store and ship

These pots are lightweight and can be folded flat making them a dream to store - especially if you’re operating in a smaller shed or grow room. 

They’re just as easy to ship and pose a huge advantage to those needing large quantities. Imagine posting a flat parcel instead of an entire plastic pot! Hydroponics distributors can save huge costs on shipping and still receive a premium-quality robust product at the end. 

Durable and reusable

The FlexiPot has a rigid base to keep plants upright even in harsh weather conditions. It’s suitable for use outside just as plastic pots are! However it’s less prone than plastic to splitting cracking or warping over time. 

Each pot is reusable and offers staggering value for money considering the increase you’ll see in root growth and yields. Once you’ve finished using the FlexiPot just brush off any excess mud or roots and it’s ready to use again. 

You can also machine wash or hand wash for a more thorough clean. Leave to air dry in its expanded shape afterwards; do not tumble dry. 

Where to use the AutoPot FlexiPot?

The FlexiPot can be used alone or as part of the AutoPot automatic watering system. 

They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use so they’ll be at home and produce superior yields in your garden greenhouse grow tent shed or grow room. 

As part of an existing AutoPot irrigation system:

To add to your existing system place the FlexiPot in your AutoPot XL tray with an AQUAvalve and connect to your reservoir. 

You must use a PotSock (not included) to prevent roots from blocking the AQUAvalve. 

Growing indoors:

If you’re growing indoors be aware that the FlexiPot may increase the ambient humidity of your grow room. This is due to the increase in direct air exchange in your plants’ root system. 

It’s a sign that your rhizosphere is getting the extra water and fresh air that it needs but always consider the effects on other plants in your growing space. 

Why choose the AutoPot FlexiPot?

  • Breathable fabric 20L plant pot;

  • Lets oxygen pass through the entire plant and substrate;

  • Encourages complex fibrous root network;

  • Eliminates root circling;

  • Reusable and easy to clean;

  • BPA-free and lead-free;

  • Suitable for machine washing;

  • Fits in the AutoPot XL tray. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Capacity: 20L

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 220 x 270mm

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