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AutoPot Flexi Tank Tap

AutoPot Flexi Tank Tap


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AutoPot FlexiTank Tap

No need to splash out on a whole new system. This spare FlexiTank Tap will keep your AutoPot system flowing smoothly in a pinch. 

Handy replacement

This tap is a like-for-like replica of the ones included with the FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro. Simply swap out if your current tap is damaged or worn. 

Easy to install

You won’t need any extra tools to install the tap. Just insert into your FlexiTank from the outside and use the nut (included) to secure in place from the inside. 

Make sure to use the rubber washers included for a watertight seal. 

Why choose the AutoPot FlexiTank Tap?

  • Replacement for the tap included with the FlexiTank and FlexiTank Pro;

  • Controls water flow to plants in your AutoPot system;

  • Easy to install - no screws or tools;

  • Useful replacement if your tap sustains damage or wear and tear. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 110 x 70 x 50mm

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