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AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome & Lid for 8L / 15L Pots

AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome & Lid for 8L / 15L Pots


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AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome & Lid (8L / 15L Pots)

Create optimal conditions for your seedlings with this propagation dome. It fits securely over the AutoPot standard 8L and 15L pots meaning there’s no need to transplant. 

Higher germination rates

Young seedlings need as much heat and humidity as possible to encourage germination and keep these vulnerable plants healthy. 

A propagation dome retains heat and moisture creating the perfect conditions for prime young growth. Seedlings germinate faster with specialist propagation equipment and survival rates are higher. 

Soil also stays moist for longer in these humid conditions meaning there’s less work for you to do.


Adjustable vents

As time goes on growers should introduce fresh air to increase oxygen uptake and kickstart growth. 

This propagation dome features adjustable vents which can easily be opened and closed as needed. It’s the perfect gentle introduction to the great outdoors. 

No need to transplant

Only fully established plants can use the AQUAvalve for automatic watering. However you can still use your AutoPot system to set young plants up for life.

This propagation dome fits securely onto the 8L and 15L AutoPots letting you set up young seedlings in your AutoPots with no need to transport them as they grow. This will reduce stress (for both you and your plants!) and cut out the risk of transplant shock. 

Stress can greatly affect a plant’s early growth - so by limiting movement you’re increasing your chances of strong survival rates and a healthy high-yielding garden. 

Optimise your seedling space

These pots might be a little big for your seedlings right now! You can optimise your space using the AutoPot Pot Divider (sold separately). 

This simple reusable insert splits your pots into 4 sections making room for multiple smaller plants. Once you’re ready to move them into larger pots just remove the insert. 

The Pot Divider is compatible with both 8L and 15L pots. You’ll be able to quadruple your seedling output using tools you already have at home. 

How to use the AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome?

Pot your young plant into your pot and fit the lid securely over it. 

Keep the vents closed during the early stages of growth. Over the next few weeks gradually open the vents. Be sure to monitor your seedlings during this time and be mindful of weather conditions. 

Finally you can remove the lid completely during the day. If you’re growing in colder seasons it’s best to keep the lid on at night until your plants have finished the germination stage. 

For larger pots try the Clear Propagation Dome compatible with AutoPot XL (25L) pots. 

Where to use the AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome?

This dome is suitable for use with the AutoPot standard 8L and 15L pots. This means it’s ready to transition into your automatic watering system once your plants are fully established. 

Germinating seedlings should be kept in warm humid conditions wherever possible and should not be kept permanently outside. However you may keep your young plants outside during warmer times of day in warmer seasons. 

Once fully established the AutoPot system is suitable for use in almost any indoor or outdoor growing environment. It’s ideal for gardens grow rooms grow tents hydroponic systems balconies sheds greenhouses…you name it! 

Why choose the AutoPot Clear Propagation Dome?

  • Clear lid / dome for propagation;

  • Retains heat and humidity;

  • Creates optimal conditions for germinating plants;

  • Adjustable vents gradually allow fresh air;

  • Clear lid for easy viewing;

  • Suitable for use with the AutoPot Pot Divider;

  • Compatible with AutoPot 8L and 15L pots.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 255 x 270 x 270mm

  • Suitable Pots: 8L / 15L 

  • Product Weight: 0.5kg

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