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AutoPot AirDome

AutoPot AirDome


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AutoPot AirDome 

Breathe some extra life into your AutoPot system. The AirDome distributes air around the bottom of your pot oxygenating roots right at their source. 

Oxygenates the root zone

Oxygen intake is one of the most crucial elements of plant health. No matter the equipment and fancy additives your plants will not survive without a proper air supply. 

As ever AutoPot brings simple concepts into ingenious technology. The AirDome sits at the bottom of your pot and connects to an external air pump. 

When your plants need feeding the AutoPot system distributes a small amount of water to the bottom of your pot. The AirDome distributes air through this water creating small bubbles that oxygenate hard-to-reach areas in your root network. 

Up to 25% more yields

As the AirDome delivers oxygen straight to the source your roots will grow longer thicker and form a more complex network. This will lead to optimal nutrient uptake and higher rates of photosynthesis. 

On the surface growers will see yields like never before. The AirDome is proven to increase fruit and flower production by up to 25%

Durable and long-lasting

As well as its innovation AutoPot is known for its products’ longevity. The AirDome is made from durable plastic and is built to last in the great outdoors. 

Prevents root disease

Not only does the AirDome show exceptional results above ground but it protects the rhizosphere below. Roots need water to survive but poorly-oxygenated water can equally pose a threat. 

Old excess water is one of the main causes of diseases like pythium and root rot which can leave roots mushy and unable to take in nutrients. 

AutoPot systems only ever feed plants when they need it so there’s no water left around to grow stagnant. The easy2grow system and AirDome distribute clean oxygenated water in the perfect amounts. They replicate the natural wet/dry cycle of an outdoor plant and keep things fresh between feeds. 

How to use AutoPot AirDome?

Take the four blue pieces of bubble pipe and connect them to the cross connector. Attach the other ends of each pipe to the studs on the inside of the AirDome.

Connect the transparent 6mm air line to the outside of the AirDome. 

Place the Marix Disc or Root Control Disc (sold separately) in your empty pot gold / copper face down. Place the AirDome in the pot on top of the disc.

Next add your substrate. We recommend adding an inch or two of clean buffered perlite or clay pebbles first. This will help to aerate your root system even more effectively and help with drainage.

Ensure that your transparent tubing is easily accessible for later - you don’t want to bury it! 

After this add your main substrate. Because AutoPot systems feed from underneath they require a highly absorbent substrate to draw and distribute moisture. An aerated substrate blend such as a coco or perlite mix (between the ratios 50/50 and 70/30) is best. 

Add your plants water them heavily and allow them to drain in the AutoPot module tray. 

You must only use established plants with the AirDome. If you are using younger plants you must hand-water the plants until their roots are fully established. This should take roughly 10-14 days; do not turn the AirDome on during this time. 

Once your plants are fully established it’s time to start using the AirDome. Take your remaining end of the transparent 6mm air line and connect it to your air pump. This product only contains the AirDome but you may use the AutoPot AirDome Pump (sold separately) or another air pump compatible with 6mm tubing. 

When to use AutoPot AirDome?

Only use the AirDome during the day. The air is too cold to distribute directly to the roots at night and may damage your plants. 

Why choose AutoPot AirDome?

  • Oxygenates the root zone;

  • Increases yields by up to 25%;

  • Helps to prevent root diseases;

  • Offers maintenance-free growing;

  • Compatible with AutoPot standard and XL modules.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 95 x 230 x 225mm

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