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AutoPot 9mm Filter for 30L and 47L Tank

AutoPot 9mm Filter for 30L and 47L Tank


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AutoPot 9mm Filter for 30L and 47L Tank

Keep smaller AutoPot systems free of buildup. This filter sits securely in your 30L or 47L reservoir and removes impurities from the inside. 

Removes impurities and prevents buildup 

This 9mm Golf Filter removes impurities before they leave your FlexiTank or reservoir. 

It catches any sediment dirt or product buildup preventing blockages in your tubing and keeping your equipment in prime condition for as long as possible. 

Compatible with 1-6 Pot Systems

The filter’s 9mm fitting makes it suitable for use with 30L and 47L reservoirs. 

All 1-6 Pot Systems come with a 47L FlexiTank and a 9mm Filter included so this is perfect to keep on hand as a spare or replacement.

How to use the AutoPot 9mm Filter?

Push your 9mm Top Hat Grommet (also included in the Pot Systems) into the hole at the bottom of your tank. Insert an inch or two of your 9mm tubing through the grommet. 

From the inside of the tank push your golf filter through the tubing and grommet. The filter should sit securely inside your reservoir. 

The filter will stay in place as long as it is pushed securely into the reservoir outlet. However if it does come loose it will float to the top of your tank - so you can retrieve it easily. 

Where to use the AutoPot 9mm Filter?

The filter is compatible with AutoPot systems up to 6 pots so it’s perfect for growers working on a smaller scale. Set up an automatic watering system in your garden shed greenhouse grow tent or patio and let this small tool extend the lifetime of your high-quality equipment. 

Why choose the AutoPot 9mm Filter?

  • Compatible with 30L and 47L tanks;

  • Prevents sediment buildup and reduces blockages;

  • Extends the lifetime of AutoPot equipment and AQUAvalve;

  • Handy spare or replacement in your automatic watering system;

  • Removable replaceable blue lining;

  • Use alongside 1 - 6 Pot Systems.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 30mm

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