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AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System

AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System


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AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System

Remove the hassle of hand feeding. This automatic system supplies nutrient solution to up to 4 pots as and when each one needs it. 

It relies on the unique AQUAvalve - a gravity-fed timer-free technology. Your plants will never be over- or under-fed and there are no batteries to run out! 

Uses AQUAvalve technology

AutoPot leads with innovation. Its patented technology makes feeding easier cheaper more environmentally friendly and more accurate - what more does a grower need?

The 4 Pot Complete System takes 4 x 1 Pot Modules and adds a 47L tank and the fittings necessary to connect everything. 

The technology works by gravity feeding from the 47L tank. Each plant is connected to the tank by a separate system and will be fed according to its individual needs. 

You will need 1 AQUAvalv for each pot you use (4 in total for this kit). The AQUAvalve sits in the centre of your AutoPot system and fills with up to 20mm of nutrient solution. 

Once the 20mm has been distributed a unique float valve system creates an airlock which prevents any more solution from entering the valve. The Aquavalve then allows your plants to drink all of this nutrient solution - so it’ll never overflow or overfeed.

Once your plants have absorbed this 20mm of nutrient solution the airlock in the AQUAvalve is broken and it distributes another 20mm of fresh nutrient solution into the valve ready for feeding. 

Then the cycle continues with no input from the grower except for making sure that the tank stays full!

Impossible to over- or under-feed

As long as you keep your tank filled with water there’s no way that your plants can be over- or under-fed. The AQUAvalve system delivers fresh nutrient solution little and often only when plants need it. 

A full tank with 4 pots should last about a week unattended - so you’re free to take a break without worry. 

No electricity needed

The true genius of the AutoPot range lies in the fact that it requires no batteries no pumps no timers - and in fact no electricity at all. Everything relies on gravity.

Not only does this mean that you’re covered in a power cut but there are no energy bills to pay. 

Scale as you go

This kit is the perfect size to get started! Should you want to expand your AutoPot system all you’ll need are additional modules and accessories. 

With complete systems catering to up to 100 pots you’ll have hands-free operation of gardens of any size. 

How to use AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System?

AutoPots feed from underneath. Because of this they require a highly absorbent substrate to draw nutrient solution from below and distribute it evenly around the root system. 

We recommend that you use an aerated substrate mix with the AutoPot such as a 50/50 coco or perlite blend. For best results put an inch of clean buffered perlite or clay pebbles at the bottom of your AutoPot. This will achieve maximum aeration and deliver nutrient solution most evenly to the plant. It also helps with drainage. 

If using an AutoPot Air Dome place this in your pot before adding the substrate. 

You can place plants in the AutoPot system at any stage of growth but it’s recommended that you hand-water them until their roots are fully established. This should take approximately 10-14 days. 

Before potting your plants place the Root Control Disc into the base of the pot. The Root Control Disc prevents your substrate from falling out of the bottom of the pot. 

Once the plants are old enough for the AutoPot system it’s time to start! 

Make sure your kit contains all the parts specified before getting started. Take your 4 square pots and position them as you would like. 


  • 1 x square pot;

  • 1 x AQUAvalve;

  • 1 x lid;

  • 1 x length of tubing;

  • 1 x T connector;

  • 1 x Root Control Disc

 in front of each tray. 

Take out your 47L tank and place it on a raised surface at least 6 inches (300mm) above the height of the trays. Push your top hat grommet into the hole at the bottom of the 47L tank and push your tubing through the grommet.

From the inside of the 47L tank push your golf filter into the tubing. This should secure the tubing in place. 

Using scissors cut the tubing to the appropriate length. Attach your tap (near the tank) and your T connectors.

 There should be one long length of tubing coming out of the tank with one short length of tubing (connected by a T) per plant pot. 

Remove the collar from your AQUAvalve and thread the tubing through the collar and onto the AQUAvalve nozzle. Re-tighten (but do not over-tighten) the AQUAvalve collar. Repeat for each AQUAvalve in your system. 

Place the AQUAvalve in the tray and “click” it into place over the T-section on the base of the tray. Place the lid over the AQUAvalve. 

Repeat this process for all AQUAvalves and trays in your system. 

Once you have set up your AQUAvalves and trays it’s time to set up your 15L pots. Place a Root Control Disc (gold side down) into the base of each pot. Add your aerated substrate and pot your plants. 

Water the pots and allow them to drain. Once the pots have drained place them inside the trays. If you have young plants this is the point where you must hand water them for 10-14 days! 

Once the 10-14 days of hand watering have passed (or you are potting established plants) you may fill up the 47L tank with your nutrient solution. 

Where to use AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System?

You can use an AutoPot system almost anywhere! Placed closely together the 4 Pot System only takes up one square metre of space. Of course you can space your plants out as widely as you like but it’s a great option for smaller gardens or limited spaces like grow tents. 

The 4 Pot Complete System will work in gardens grow rooms grow tents sheds patios - you name it! It’s a highly versatile system allowing you to grow hydroponically with limited space and no electricity. 

Why choose AutoPot 4 Pot Complete System?

  • Automatic plant feeding system;

  • Monitors and controls plants individually;

  • Patented gravity-led technology - no pumps timers or electricity;

  • Feeds 4 plants for approximately 1 week;

  • Almost no maintenance required;

  • Covers 1m²  of floor space. 

Items Included:

  • 1 x 47 Tank & Lid

  • 4 x 15L Square Pots

  • 4 x Single Pot Trays with Lids

  • 4 x Aqua Valves

  • 4 x Root Control Discs

  • 4 x 6mm Tee

  • 2 x 6mm Cross Connectors

  • 1 x 4m Flexi Pipe (6mm Diameter)

  • 1 x 6mm Golf Filter

  • 1 x Top Hat Grommet

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 630 x 390 x 300mm

  • Tank Capacity: 47L

  • Pot Capacity: 15L

  • Number of Pots: 4

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