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AutoPot 25L XL Pot

AutoPot 25L XL Pot


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AutoPot 25L XL Pot

Get giant results with little effort. This extra-large pot is compatible with the revolutionary AutoPot automatic feeding system. 

The XL pot has a 25 litre capacity offering plenty of room for healthy growth. 

Grow big or go home

Give your larger plants the space they need with these super-sized 25 litre pots. Finding the right size is crucial - your plants’ root system needs space to expand in order to source oxygen and nutrients.

The XL Pot works seamlessly with the AutoPot system just on a larger scale! They’re simply a bigger version of the AutoPot 15L Pot

Connect multiple XL pots or attach them to a reservoir like the FlexiTank for a scalable and customisable feeding system. 

Unique gravity feeding 

Picture your dream growing system. Chances are it requires minimal effort caters to your plants on an individual level and will never overfeed underfeed or break down.

AutoPot has everything covered with its revolutionary automatic feeding system. Based on gravity alone it detects when your plants run out of nutrient solution and supplies just the right amount. This mimics the natural wet-dry cycle that plants thrive in and optimises it on an individual level.

The technology works by gravity feeding from a larger reservoir such as the FlexiTank. The AQUAvalve sits in the centre of your AutoPot 1 Pot XL system and fills with up to 20mm of nutrient solution. Once the 20mm has been distributed a unique float valve system creates an airlock which prevents any more solution from entering the valve. The Aquavalve then allows your plants to drink all of this nutrient solution - so it’ll never overflow or overfeed.

Once your plants have absorbed this 20mm of nutrient solution the airlock in the AQUAvalve is broken and it distributes another 20mm of fresh nutrient solution into the valve ready for feeding. 

Then the cycle continues with no input from the grower except for making sure that the reservoir is full. And with FlexiTanks as large as 1000L that’s hardly a regular job. 

No electricity no pumps no timers

The greatest benefit of the AutoPot system is that you can leave it to do all the hard work! In close second is the fact that it costs nothing to run

The AutoPot needs no electricity no pumps and no timers and can be left safely for as long as the reservoir contains nutrient solution. There’s no risk of it malfunctioning should you lose power and you’ll have no energy bill. That’s music to a grower’s ears!

Endless opportunity

AutoPot’s extensive range of modules pots tanks and accessories means that the setup you create is truly unique to you. 

The 25L XL Pot is perfect for those wanting to add a larger plant to their existing AutoPot system. If you don’t own any AutoPot equipment it’s best you start with the AutoPot 1 Pot XL Module.

If you’re looking to expand your setup to even greater heights the AutoPot XL Multiple Pot Systems might be for you. The kit contains all you need to connect between 4 and 100 pots to your reservoir!

How to use the AutoPot 25L XL Pot?

This 25L pot fits the XL modules - just place them into the tray and click your AQUAvalve into place. Connect to your AutoPot system and you’re ready to grow even bigger!

The XL Pot is designed to provide additional plant space to an existing system. For full instructions on setting your AutoPot system up from scratch read the “How to” guide on the AutoPot XL 1 Pot Module. 

Where to use the AutoPot 25L XL Pot?

Anywhere you like! Its versatility means that you can set up an automatic feeding system in almost any environment. Place your AutoPots indoors outdoors or in your greenhouse shed grow tent or hydroponic grow room.

It’s perfect for smaller spaces and growers without gardens. Thanks to the AutoPot you can make use of smaller spaces like a patio or balcony. 

Why choose the AutoPot 25L XL Pot?

  • Extra-large pot compatible with the AutoPot range;

  • Facilitates root expansion and oxygen intake for larger plants;

  • Will never over- or under-feed;

  • Easy to scale;

  • No pumps no timers and no electricity bills;

  • Module reservoir and all accessories sold separately.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot 

  • Capacity: 25L

  • Product Dimensions: 370 x 320 x 320mm 

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