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AutoPot 1Pot Module

AutoPot 1Pot Module


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AutoPot 1 Pot Module

This revolutionary auto-feeding system could not be easier to use. The AutoPot delivers fresh nutrient solution once levels run low - with no electricity no pumps and no timers.

Connect multiple AutoPots or attach them to a FlexiTank for a hands-free and scalable feeding routine. 

Uses AQUAvalve technology

AutoPot leads with innovation. Its AQUAvalve technology makes feeding easier cheaper more environmentally friendly and more accurate - what more does a grower need?

The technology works by gravity feeding from a larger reservoir such as the FlexiTank. The AQUAvalve sits in the centre of your AutoPot system and fills with up to 20mm of nutrient solution. Once the 20mm has been distributed a unique float valve system creates an airlock which prevents any more solution from entering the valve. The Aquavalve then allows your plants to drink all of this nutrient solution - so it’ll never overflow or overfeed.

Once your plants have absorbed this 20mm of nutrient solution the airlock in the AQUAvalve is broken and it distributes another 20mm of fresh nutrient solution into the valve ready for feeding. 

Then the cycle continues with no input from the grower except for making sure that the reservoir is full. And with FlexiTanks as large as 1000L that’s hardly a regular job. 

Impossible to over- or underfeed

As long as you keep your tank filled with water there’s no way that your plants can be over- or under-fed. The AQUAvalve system delivers fresh nutrient solution little and often only when plants need it. 

No electricity no pumps no timers

The most revolutionary tech is sometimes the simplest. The AutoPot 1 Pot Module requires no electricity relying on gravity alone to detect and supply nutrient solution. 

This means it costs nothing to run. Plus there’s no risk of it losing power!

Leave it safely for as long as you need; it’s perfect for holidays or just taking the weight off your usual work. 

Scale to any size

AutoPot brings easy feeding to any grow room no matter its size. Use one pot to feed a house plant while you’re away. Or connect dozens for hands-free operation of an entire garden. 

Once you have the 1 Pot Module and a FlexiTank all you’ll need are additional modules to grow your AutoPot system to any size. 

If you’re starting on a large scale consider the AutoPot multiple pot systems. They come with everything you need for up to 100 plants!

AutoPot has recently updated to make automatic feeding even more efficient. If you’re using a pre-2020 model you can use the 1 Pot Module Accessories Pack to make your equipment compatible with the newer AQUAvalve5 model. No need to upgrade your whole feeding system; you’ll get the best technology for less. 

How to use AutoPot 1 Pot Module?

AutoPots feed from underneath. Because of this they require a highly absorbent substrate to draw nutrient solution from below and distribute it evenly around the root system. 

We recommend that you use an aerated substrate mix with the AutoPot such as a 50/50 coco or perlite blend. For best results put an inch of clean buffered perlite or clay pebbles at the bottom of your AutoPot. This will achieve maximum aeration and deliver nutrient solution most evenly to the plant. It also helps with drainage. 

If using an AutoPot Air Dome place this in your pot before adding the substrate. 

You can place plants in the AutoPot system at any stage of growth but it’s recommended that you hand-water them until their roots are fully established. This should take approximately 10-14 days. 

Before potting your plants place the Marix Disc into the base of the pot. The Marix Disc prevents your substrate from falling out of the bottom of the pot. 

Once the plants are old enough for the AutoPot system it’s time to start! 

Remove the yellow collar from your AQUAvalve. Thread one end of the tubing through the yellow collar and onto the AQUAvalve nozzle. Re-tighten (but do not over-tighten) the yellow collar.

Place the AQUAvalve in the tray and “click” it into place over the T-section on the base of the tray. 

Take your tubing and push one end into the grommet at the bottom of your tank. Secure in place by pushing the golf filter (not included) into the same grommet in the interior of the tank. 

Place your Root Control Disc gold face down into the base of your tray. This will prevent roots from growing out of the bottom of the pot and blocking the Smart Valve.

Next take your potted plant and place it into the tray. Fasten the lid over the AQUAvalve. 

Position your FlexiTank at least 15cm above your highest AQUAvalve. Fill your tank with nutrient solution as needed and turn the system on using the tap.

How to clean and maintain the AutoPot 1 Pot Module?

  • Check and clean all components of the AutoPot regularly. Flush a cleaning solution through at the beginning and end of every plant cycle. 

  • Once every 2 weeks drain 1-2L of solution from your AutoPot by opening the tap at the end of each line. This is to help prevent sediment buildup and reduce the risk of blockages. 

  • Before and after cleaning your AQUAvalves remove the 2 silicon bungs. Squash them between your fingers and reinsert. 

  • Keep your nutrient solution clean and well-mixed at all times. We also recommend that you avoid sticky solutions such as seaweed extracts - these can build up in the AutoPot system. 

  • Keep your plants on a well-insulated surface to prevent them from becoming too cold. Stone and concrete floors can become extremely cold and send your plants into shock. If you don’t have a work surface or an insulated floor place your pots on upturned plastic trays to conserve heat. 

Why choose AutoPot 1 Pot Module?

  • Detects and refills low nutrient solution;

  • Uses unique AQUAvalve technology to operate on its own;

  • Includes 15L pot and all necessary accessories;

  • Connect multiple pots for versatile feeding. 

Items Included:

  • 1 x 1-Pot System

  • 1 x Tray and Lid

  • 1 x 15L Pot

  • 1 x AQUAvalve

  • 1 x 1.5m of 6mm Pipe

  • 1 x Marix Disc (186 x 186mm)

  • 1 x Root Control Disc (196 x 196mm)

  • 1 x Instruction Manual

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 245 x 350 x 310mm

  • Pot Capacity: 15L

  • Number of Pots: 1

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