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AutoPot 16mm In-Line Tap

AutoPot 16mm In-Line Tap


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AutoPot 16mm Inline Tap

This inline tap is perfect for easy control over the water supply in your AutoPot system. Use it to open and close your nutrient supply or for easy maintenance. 

Grow with the flow

The tap opens and closes the nutrient supply line. Control the water supply to one individual pipe or attach the tap near your reservoir to adjust your entire system at the twist of a valve. 

Easy line maintenance

AutoPot recommends that you drain your lines every 2 weeks to keep the system clean and prevent sediment buildup. 

A tap is by far the easiest way of doing this! Open the tap at the end of each line and allow 1-2L of water to run out. When you’re finished check for blockages and shut the tap off again. 

It’s also recommended that you dismantle and clean your system thoroughly every so often. 

Compatible with AutoPot 16mm equipment

This inline tap fits the original 16mm AutoPot tubing. If you’re using the newer 9mm tubing you’ll need to use the 9mm Inline Tap. Or you can use an adaptor like the 16 - 9mm Cross Connector to link your two sizes together. 

How to use AutoPot 16mm Inline Tap?

If using in the middle of your automatic watering system attach both ends of the tap into a length of 16mm tubing. 

If using on the end of a line to clean or drain the system simply connect to one end. 

Ensure that the tap is fully inserted and that no air or water can escape. Then twist the red valve to open and close the nutrient supply line. 

Why choose AutoPot 16mm Inline Tap?

  • Use to control individual nutrient supply lines;

  • Instantly shuts off or turns on water supply from your reservoir;

  • Useful when cleaning or draining your AutoPot system;

  • Compatible with 16mm tubing and equipment;

  • Bright colour for easy visibility. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: AutoPot

  • Product Dimensions: 60 x 20 x 100mm

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